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FIN2601 Financial Management – Semester 1


FIN2601 Financial Management

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FIN2601 Financial Management enables students to gain insight into the task and scope of financial management; financial statements and cash flow; analysis of financial statements; overview of financial planning; time value of money, risk and return; value (shares, debentures and options).

Prescribed Book for FIN2601-MNF2023 Financial Management

AuthorGitman, L.J., Beaumont-Smith, M. & Marx, J. etal
TitlePrinciples of Managerial Finance
Year Published2010
PublisherPearson (SA)
Book NotesBundled with myFinance Lab

Resources for FIN2601-MNF2023 Financial Management

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FIN2601/101 2 INTRODUCTION Dear Student Welcome to the module Financial Management (FIN2601). You have enrolled for an interesting yet challenging module. To be successful in this module, you will have to devote at least 120 hours to reading, summarising and doing assignments. Do not hesitate to contact us (on myUnisa, by e-mail or by telephone) if you experience problems with the content of this tutorial letter or any aspect of the module. We sincerely hope that you find this module as well as your online learning experience interesting and rewarding and we trust that you will complete the module successfully. Please provide Unisa with your cellular number because important announcements may be sent to you by SMS. Also check your myLife e-mail address regularly for announcements. 1.1 To get started… Please note that this module is offered fully online and you therefore need to go online to see your study materials and complete the learning activities for this course. Go to the website here: and login with your student number and password. You will see FIN2601-15-S1/S2 module site in the row of modules in the orange blocks across the top of the webpage. Remember to also check in the "More" site tab if you cannot find it in the orange blocks. Click on the module you want to open and read the Welcome page . We wish you success on your journey. MODULE FORMAT: FIN2601 2.1 Fully online module All study material for this module will be available on myUnisa. It is thus extremely important that you register on myUnisa and access the module site on a regular basis. You must be registered on myUnisa to be able to access your learning material and assignment questions, submit your assignments, gain access to various learning resources, chat to your lecturer or fellow students about your studies and the challenges that you might encounter, and participate in online discussion forums. It is important to note that myUnisa contains the Learning Units tool from which you will be able to access only the study material for this module if you have registered and have access to myUnisa. The complete study guide for FIN2601 and this tutorial letter (TL101/3/2015) are also available online under "Official study material". Please also go to "Additional resources" and "Announcements" for updates on the study material or other important messages. These are available online only.


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