Assignment Eye Spy Bf4 Challenge

The Target Detector, also known as the TDD, is a weapon attachment developed during the War of 2020. It is a gadget built from motion sensory equipment from the MTN-55 and T-UGS that can can be used to detect enemies in front of the user.


Target Detector


Spots enemy infantry on the minimap while ADS

"A prototype device created using parts from the MTN-55 and T-UGS. While active it will detect enemy movement within a narrow cone in front of you and report it to your team's minimap."

— Battlelog description

The Target Detector is a weapon accessory featured in Battlefield 4: Final Stand, unlocked with the completion of the Eye Spy Assignment.

When equipped, the Target Detector will fill the Accessory slot of the weapon, and will remain passive when the player is firing from the hip. When the player aims down sight, however, the device will become active and will automatically spot enemy players within a cone in front of the player.



  • The Target Detector's description is the only time in Battlefield 4 that the Motion Sensor is called by its actual designation of MTN-55.
  • Like much of the new equipment in Final Stand, the Target Detector was renamed after the initial pre-release on the Community Test Environment, originally being named the TDD.
  • The attachment functions similarly to the Sniper Spotting Scope from Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline achievements: 37 Achievements [80]
- Online achievements: 5 Achievements [120]
- Approximate amount of time to 880 : About 10 hours
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : About 40+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 [Hard]
- Number of missable achievements: Recon & Full Arsenal [Chapter Select if missed]
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes – Hard difficulty
- Glitchy achievements: Yes. View the guide for solutions to glitches
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? None

  • China Rising DLC
    • Difficulty: 5/10
    • Time to 160: 10-15+ Hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Useful links:
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Collectible Guide by Maka
Video Guide Playlist

Difficulties are stackable on this game, and all difficulties are available right from the start. You will earn 3 for 75 for completing the campaign on Hard. You will earn an additionall 7 for 140 to this by progressing through the story as you complete each of the 7 levels of the campaign. The 7 levels include:

  • Baku
  • Shanghai
  • South China Sea
  • Singapore
  • Kunlun Mountains
  • Tashgar
  • Suez

You will earn seven for 175 by gaining a certain amount of points in each of the 7 campaign missions. The points range from 6,000-20,000 depending on the level. The points required here are generally quite easy to reach and the difficulty you play on or the time you take during a mission has no effect on the points you earn whatsoever. Points are solely dependent on getting various types of kills. Therefore it is better to play on Easy and take your time.

You will need to play the last level of the campaign at least three times through chapter select to experience all 3 story endings and unlock their corresponding achievements, this will earn you four achievements for 80.

Six out of the seven campaign missions have a miscellaneous achievement to get kills in a certain way, these typically include C4, RPG, multi & headshot kills etc. which will net you six for 120.

For some players, if you finish the game on Hard, the achievements for Easy & Normal may not unlock, you should replay the last level again but to a different ending on whichever difficulty you need to trigger the achievement for.

Collectible achievements are heavy this year, with nine for 270 to be earned, this includes unlocking all assignments, which come with campaign scoring. You must pick up at least 28 collectables to unlock all collectible related achievement, which include a combination of Weapons and Dog tags. Weapons are picked up both from the ground and from fallen enemies. Dog tags are found throughout the level, but are also given out depending on the endings that you have experienced. Dog tags make a rustling chain sound when near them in a level. Click here to see the full Collectibles Guide.

The multiplayer achievements on the other hand are light this time round, with only five worth 120. You need to reach Rank 25 out of the maximum 100. Rank 25 requires roughly 800,000 points and will take the average player between 25-30 hours depending on their play style. You will need to get five dog tags (knife) kills, 45 M1911 Pistol kills & also deliver five bombs in the new Obliteration game mode. All this is cumulative during your online time and does not have to be done in a single game match. Finally, you need to win at least one round in every game mode online. Seeing as this game revolves around teamwork, and every game mode thus far is a team based mode, this will not be a problem. The modes include:

  • Conquest
  • Domination
  • Defuse
  • Obliteration
  • Rush
  • Squad Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch

China Rising DLC

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Welcome to the first of five expansion pack for Battlefield 4. China Rising introduces four new maps which include Altai Range, Dragon Pass, Guilin Peaks & Silk Road all based on the Chinese mainland. The Air Superiority game mode is back and five weapons make a return including the L85A2, L96A1, MP7, MTAR-21 & RPK-74M. The expansion also adds two new gadgets, the UCAV & SUAV as well as the addition of two vehicles, the Dirt Bike from the previous game as well as the new Bomber. All five achievements are multiplayer based but they do not all have to be gained on the China Rising maps such as the SUAV kill, most of the assignments can also be completed on any map.

Each achievement can more or less be done in an hour each depending on your skill apart from the Assignments which can take anywhere upwards from 10hrs of gameplay. The assignments require a variety of actions to be taken, some more difficult than others such as gaining different ribbons, kills with air vehicles, weapons & gadgets as well as getting different types of weapon kills in a single round etc.

Second Assault DLC

All five achievements are multiplayer based that are tied to the maps in this expansion. Each achievement can more or less be done in an hour each depending on your skill. You will require some flying experience, some patience and possibly a little luck to complete this DLC.

Naval Strike DLC
(Full RoadMap foundHERE)

Hello soldiers and welcome back for the 3rd expansion pack for Battlefield 4. This time we shall be taking to the seas with an expansion pack that is orientated towards DICE’s new and improved naval combat. Naval Strike includes 4 new maps; Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar are all set in the South China Sea. Each will have a variety of environments that will test your combat prowess, ranging from defending fishing villages to storming beachfronts, and everything in-between. 

Here are some descriptions for the new maps, taken directly from Battlelog:

  • Lost Islands
    Starting with Lost Islands, this map focuses around a crashed airplane located near the center of the map. The map itself contains several small islands surrounding the crash site that can be traversed using quad bikes around the whole map, or by using boats to take shortcuts across it. The key to master this map is to control the plane at the crash site, which can be blown open to give infantry some much needed cover. Another special area of this map is the cave blanketed by a waterfall, as it provides visual cover for patrolling boats and helicopters.
  • Nansha Strike
    A very boat heavy map with several bases spread out in the water to battle it out on, while at the same time allowing total infantry control of the middle areas. The central area provides a lot of cover for infantry and is a death trap for water vehicles if they try to enter it via the small rivers. The surrounding bases can be captured from the water, with some offering big bases in the middle of the sea for infantry. This is where the more powerful vehicles spawn, which makes them key to own and control.
  • Wave Breaker
    A unique submarine base hidden in the middle mountain allows for tight close quarter combat, but it also has wide canals where it’s possible to do drive-bys with the attack boats to add extra mayhem to the mix. The middle area has many different Levolution possibilities. You can for instance bring down a submarine from its support and turn off the lights in the surrounding corridors. It’s also possible to stop boats from entering the area by closing the four flood gates and blocking the direct path from the bases on the two sides. The middle island will give players intense fights in Deathmatch modes.
  • Operation Mortar
    A vacation paradise turned into a war zone, with wooden huts surrounding the islands. There is an old fort on the top of the mountain, which provides a great overview over the whole map. It also gives the team owning it a fast way to capture the other bases on the main island. In Rush, this levels starts from the bottom of the islands and goes up towards the fort, providing interesting and fun vertical gameplay which will provide a big challenge for attackers.

A new game mode is also introduced, new to BF4, in the form of Carrier Assault. A throw-back to Battlefield 2142's Titan mode, Carrier Assault will challenge you to bring down the enemy aircraft carrier by capturing a series of bases and launching missiles at the opposing ship. All this destruction will be helped by the addition of the ACV Hovercraft, capable of effortlessly travelling over land as it does water, and 5 new weapons and 2 new gadgets; the AR160, SR-2, AWS, SR338, and the SRW40 with the M320 3GL and the new Anti-Air Mine. 

Overall, the new Naval Strike DLC is very entertaining as the game type and the maps themselves are very well created and add hours upon hours of replay value to Battlefield's already addicting Multiplayer experience. This list will task you with testing out the new mode, new vehicle and some new weaponry with deadly efficiency. It will also encourage you to rediscover your adventurous streak. But compared to past DLC achievements, these ones are rather easy, particularly because there is no “Complete all assignments” achievement. The list will not take too long just by playing through the expansion and casually attempting the achievements, but of course, can be sped up by boosting with friends or partners from the new Sessions program HERE.

In the end, completing the DLC will be a breeze, just like Second Assault, and then you can focus all your time on enjoying the maps themselves!

Dragon's Teeth DLC

Welcome back to the battlefield, soldiers. This time, the Dragon’s Teeth DLC expansion brings the fight to our doorstep on four brand new maps: Sunken Dragon, Lumpini Garden, Pearl Market, and Propaganda. These four maps are designed specifically for urban combat among modern high rises, pristine parks, bustling alleyways, a floating restaurant and grey concrete. In addition to this, the new Chainlink gametype adds another layer of depth and strategy to the multiplayer mayhem while the R.A.W.R allows players to control an unmanned ground vehicle that is mounted with a machine gun and grenade launcher. Finally, with ten new assignments to tackle, you will need to utilize a variety of weapons, gametypes, and gadgets in order to complete all five achievements tied to this expansion. 

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
In order to complete all of the achievements within this DLC, you are going to have to dedicate a significant number of hours to multiple gametypes, weapon classes, and the four new Dragon's Teeth maps. First off, "Link Repeater" will most likely be the first achievement you unlock for winning two Chainlink matches on any map. If these victories were achieved on two of the new Dragon's Teeth maps, you will then unlock "The Metropolitan" shortly after for completing a match of any gametype on all four Dragon's Teeth maps. 

While playing on these four maps, make sure to keep an eye out for the new RAWR gadget. If you are skilled enough to achieve five kills with the RAWR in a single match, then the "RC Assassin" achievement will be yours. Speaking of new gadgets and equipment, in order to unlock "Bulletproof. Sort Of...," you will need to complete the Vanguard Assignment in order to unlock the Ballistic Shield for the Support Class. Once this piece of equipment is usable, simply pull it out and use it for a total of five minutes to get the aforementioned achievement out of the way. 

Finally, "Street Fighter" is going to be the last achievement you unlock. This achievement carries with it the requirement of completing all ten of the new assignments. Between achieving Sniper Rifle and PDW Ribbons, Mortar Kills, Savior Kills, Spot Assists, a number of other combat bonuses, as well utilizing the RAWR and Unica 6 Magnum, all while playing a total of ten hours on the Dragon's Teeth maps and achieving the impossible of winning a match of Chainlink with fifty tickets or fewer remaining, it soon becomes evident that completing the ten assignments in this DLC will be quite the project. With enough persistence, strategy, teamwork, and skill, these assignments should be completed within ten to twelve hours. 

Final Stand DLC
(Full RoadMap HERE)

Welcome to the final expansion pack for Battlefield 4, Final Stand. This DLC brings players four new maps all based on the Siberian lands of Russia; Giants of Karelia, Hammerhead, Hangar 21 & Operation Whiteout. The pack also introduces two new weapons; the Rorsch MK-1 railgun and Phantom bow as well as four new vehicles; the Snowmobile, HT-95 Levkov Hover Tank, Shipunov 42 and the Pod Launcher and in addition to this, various new gadgets, attachments, dogs tags and skins are included. 

The achievements are of a similar sense as previous BF4 DLC instalments, there is an achievement to play all on four new maps, three kill-related achievements and finally assignments make a return, whilst most you will earn through natural play, some may require some time and patience. There is also one assignment to play the new maps for 10 hours, minimising the completion time for this DLC. 

Overall, this DLC offers a fantastic batch of new maps and entertaining gameplay to all of us hardened Battlefield fans. Although the Chainlink matches may seem very underwhelming compared to Conquest or Rush, the strategy and teamwork involved in order to achieve victory leaves it as a compelling new gametype to tinker with. Whether you are messing around with the R.A.W.R., blocking bullets with the new Ballistic Shield, learning the ins and outs of the new maps, or grinding out those ten new assignments, this DLC offers plenty of additional Multiplayer hours to the game and is easily the best add-on thus far!

[XBA would like to thank Makaand Barad for this RoadMap]

[XBA would like to thank Barad, Emperor 95, & BiggD for the DLC additions]


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