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This page is for dissertation fellowships for 2017-2018 (including research fellowships, dissertation completion fellowships, and other predoctoral opportunities).

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  • This is an initial post to start the page as in years past - please add calls and information!

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AAUW American Dissertation Fellowship Edit

  • Applied (x16)
  • It says it has been announced and status of apps have been sent but I didn't receive anything? Did anyone else?
  • Same here.. no email. (x3)
  • Announced here but likewise no e-mail yet. Hopefully sometime today! (4/14 at 6:47am PST)
  • I also haven't recieved an email.  The website says, " For questions about your status, please email"  I sent them an email at 10:30 am EST. (x2) EDIT: Just recieved this email in reply: "Thank you so much for contacting us today about the AAUW Dissertation Fellowship.  Notifications should go out by tomorrow April 15th.  If you have not recieved any sort of notification by the end of the week, please email us back alterting us to the issue."
  • >Recieved a rejection email. (4/14 11:45 EST) (x4)
  • Received alternate email (4/14, 11:55 EST) (x4)
  • Alternate for dissertation writing grant (in Sociology)
  • I am an alternate for dissertation writing grant in Anthropology.
  • Received acceptance (4/14, 9:07 PST), will decline
  • Rejection email. (4/14 around 11:30). Best of luck to all the winners and alternates. Does anyone know when we can see who won?
  • I'm an alternate too. Got the email. But for the international fellowship at the doctoral level. Any more of us international fellowship applicants out there? Best of luck to all of us alternates!
  • To previous posters-any of you doc students?
  • Rejection email 4/14 11:45 EST. I recieved the standard reject letter, and I believe it also stated that we would not be able to obtain any feedback. I wish they'd atleast give us feedback......
  • Rejection email 4/14 at 12:45 EST. Drats. Best of luck to everyone else! 
  • Alright alternates, I guess the "real" wait begins now! Fingers crossed. (5/15)
  • I am wondering when we will hear any news. I was looking through past years' forums, and it looks like alternates do not get a formal rejection email once September 30th has passed. Also, the range of dates that alternates are informed is quite wide. Ranging from 5/15 to 9/30. Did they provide a breakdown of how many fellowships they have issued for each award/fellowship? All I found was, "AAUW is excited to announce 250 awards and more than $3.7 million in funding for fellows and grantees in the 2017–18 award year! "
  • Yes, all we can do is wait I guess. Not getting an e-mail doesn't mean anything, I guess, until September. Arg. I'm trying hard to not think about it!
  • It is a terribly long wait. But at least we have one! And you never know! Let's try and stay positive!
  • Any news fellow waitlisters?
  • I got accepted off the waitlist on May 24th and am taking it
  • To the poster above-Congratulations!!! How long did you have to notify them? 
  • Congratulations! Any other alternates hear any news? Still no news on my end. (7/24)
  • I am waitlisted for the International Fellowship. Still waiting for any news :(
  • Any news from any other waitlisted candidates?
  • Still nothing here. (9/2) :(
  • dıd you heard anything?
  • I lost my hope:( there is no news for international fellowship. 
  • I've lost hope, too. The 30th is getting closer and closer. Still no news. 
  • Unfortunate, but the wait is over. I did not get any news so I know that I did not make it off the waitlist. Did anyone else hear anything? 
  • I did not hear any news either. Oh well. Our work was too good for them to fund anyways. ;P 

AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship Program in Education Research Edit

  • Any news on this? (3/14/17)

Has anyone heard back? (6/1/17)

ACLS / Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowships Edit

Deadline: October 26, 2016


Who's applying this year? 

Project statement: anyone know whether page numbers in the header need to be adjusted to give a full 1" margin at the top, or whether the page numbers can be in the margin space (as headers typically are)?

Let the waiting commence! 

  • This wiki is so quiet this season. Glad there are at least a few of us here!
  • I felt ok about this application until I read that they got over 1,000 applications last year... Arghhh!!!!!
  • It's a total crapshoot, of course, but yay to all of us for even trying!
  • Already counting down the days to March. 

Already thinking about this!!!  I think my chapter draft was a little lame (really not done by October...) but the rest of the app was pretty ok...?  ARGHHH !@)*$&!@)(%*)!( 

>No real use in fretting about that at this point. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We're at the wily whim of the committee now. 

  • You got that right! :-)

"Notifications will be sent via email in late March 2017," so says the website... 

  • Has anyone heard anything yet? (3/10/17)
  • Nope... I think they're going later this year (today was the notification day last year)
  • Heart attacks for every email notification.
  • Provisional award received 3/13 at 10:15am. Area: Philosophy
  • Provisional award received 3/13 at 10:19am. Area: History. Good luck everyone!
  • Provisional award received 3/13 at 10:07am. Area: Anthropology. Good luck to all waiting to hear!!
  • Provisional award received 3/13 at 10:17am. Area: History. Good luck to everyone!
  • Provisional award received 3/13 at 10:38 am. Area: Art History. Good luck!!

Acceptance emails are out. No idea about rejections or alternate notifications.

  • Anybody know how many applications they got this year?

Has anyone received a rejection? Or anyone waitlested? idk what this silence means... No rejection yet (x7)

  • I wish they'd just send everything out at once!  What do they get out of leaving rejection emails til the very end? (Also, :-(  )
  • I heard from a professor friend at Santa Cruz that one of their students got an acceptance email this morning... its 12:05 on the west coast and I've heard nothing so I'm beginning to think acceptance emails are out :(
  • Has anyone been notified of being an alternate yet? I am hopeful that despite acceptances already going out waitlists might still be on their way....

Still no waitlist or rejection email yet... 2:20pm PST March 14 (x7)

  • They're probably waiting to see how many people accept?
  • Yeah maybe no alternate emails this year, they'll just go down their list after people say no?  More likely though is that there are just so few alternates none of them check this site.
  • Rejection email received 3/15 at 9:31am EST x8
  • Do the rejection emails mention how many applicants there were?
  • Rejection. Happy birthday to me.
  • "nearly 1,100 applications for 65 awards"
  • Rejection. Seriously, fuck academia. What an absolute load of bullshit.
  • Are we allowed to ask for application feedback this year?
  • I would like to second this question. Has anybody asked for and received feedback on their application?
  • I did. This was their response: "ACLS’s reviewing system allows evaluators to provide comments to applicants at their discretion, but providing such feedback is not a required element of the review process for this program. In your case, unfortunately, no reviewers who participated in the assessment of your application designated any comments for release to the applicant." (03/22)
  • Can I just say....the email rejection letter was a little terse. Not even a "thanks for your interest in our program," nothing about how "the competition was strong and we regret that we have only 65 awards to give." C'mon ACLS, you guys need to work on your bedside manner. (3/16, but stil stinging)
  • Still no waitlist or rejection email yet... 16:00 PST March 20
  • Nevermind, the e-mail sent on March 15th "went awry"...rejection lol.

American Academy in Rome, Rome Prize Edit

Who's applying this year? 

  • Applying (x4)
  • Any news of interviews yet?

American Philosophical Society Predoctoral Fellowship Edit

Boston College AADS (African and African Diaspora Studies) Dissertation FellowshipEdit

  • I received a phone call from the director on 3/1 but later declined the offer for another fellowship. (3/20)

CAA Professional Development Fellowship Edit

CAORC Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship Edit

  • Applied (x2)
  • Received rejection (04/07). Only 7 awards granted.

CASVA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship of the National Gallery of Art Edit

Applied x8

  • All quiet over here... has anyone received a call yet? (1/19)
  • Nope, nothing yet. Someone suggested to me that the inauguration might be obstructing schedules all over DC, but who knows. (1/19)
  • Has anyone heard anything either way? It seems late to be expecting a call by this point... (1/25)
  • No news on my end or for anyone I know... it does seem late...(1/25)
  • Still crickets over here... anybody have better luck? (1/28)
  • Nope, no news good or bad here either (1/30).
  • Still nothing here (my first time to update.... with no news)... (2/1). 
  • Still nothing here either (first time posting) (2/2).
  • I've asked around to friends in several departments (Princeton, Harvard, IFA, Hopkins, etc) and no one has heard anything to my knowledge. It's a weird year for CASVA I guess. (2/2).
  • Notified of interview received on 1/28 (posting on 2/3)
  • Got my rejection via email just now (2/3) -- had an interview call last year so this especially sucks. Sigh.
  • Rejection received via email (2/3) - specifies my application made it to the final deliberations but was not chosen for interview
  • Rejected as well (2/3), congrats and best of luck to those interviewing!

Center for Jewish History Dissertation Fellowship Edit

  • The Center for Jewish History offers ten-month fellowships to doctoral candidates to support original research using the collections of the Center’s partners – American Jewish Historical Society, American Sephardi Federation, Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum, and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.
  • Application deadline: February 2, 2017
  • Any news about this? (April 13) still waiting to hear. 
  • also still waiting. I heard that no letters have gone out as of Tuesday this week, but wondering if that has changed... (April 28)

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Edit

Last year, Finalists and Non-finalists were notified on February 16, 2016. The website says that for this round, they will notify finalists and non-finalists by March 15th.

  • Feb 21 - Rejection email, was notified that not a finalist. Says that there were 500 applications this year. I didn't want your money anyway! JK tho. x8
  • Feb 21 - Received email notification that I am a finalist. More than 500 apps. Top 10% (~50) were selected as finalists, and 20 of those will be chosen as fellows. Finalists have to send in official transcripts at this stage. x2
  • March 22 - Email asking finalists to fill out a survey with their current contact information. Results to be delivered next week.
  • March 28 - Rejection email. "Please note that it is our policy not to share reviewers’ comments with applicants, and that reapplications are not permitted." x5
  • March 29 - Anyone else still waiting to hear? Yes.
  • April 5 -- Received Acceptance Letter. I was an alternate. 21 fellowships awarded according to email
  • How many alternates got bumped up to acceptances? I don't know. That information wasn't provided. I didn't get the impression it was a long list, however
  • Is anyone choosing between the Newcombe and the ACLS/Mellon? If so which one did you pick and why? Based on the numbers, Newcombe seems more competitive and is more flexible, but ACLS provides a bit more money. Thoughts? Is there an obvious answer here? The people that I've known that had to choose between the two went with Newcombe and I'd be interested in knowing why this is the case. 


  • Applied x4
  • Any idea when notifications will begin?
  • has anyone got a notification? - 5/15
  • I haven't heard anything yet 
  • I emailed them and they said that the results will be announced by mid-June. I wonder why it is so late for this year...
  • Is that for STEM? I looked at the website today and it said that results would be announced mid-June for HSS and mid-May for STEM. 
  • Sorry, it is for HSS. 
  • Any updates? (6/2)
  • I emailed them and I got a reply that there has been a delay in the evaluations and hopefully results will be announced this week. 
  • Thanks for the update. This is for HSS, right? I wonder if any of you have already accepted a fellowship.
  • Just got a waitlist notification for HSS (Email at 5:32pm, June 5) [Applied for an 8 month fellowship.]
  • wait list notification as well for HSS -- any idea what the chances are to be moved from waitlist to recipient? [did you get waitlisted for a 4 month fellowship or an 8 month fellowship?]
  • ^*Mine didn't specify -- did yours? [ same here but I assumed, maybe mistakenly, that they generally honor our requests] -- ahh, ok. Yes, i applied for 8 months (though am hoping for 4 months so I can pair with another short-term fellowship I received already
  • Received HSS -- 18 recipients were chosen and are to respond by June 12th to give time for those on the waitlist
  • Recejection email (for 4 months) 6/6
  • Updates? (6/19) HSS
  • Offered a Spring Fellowship (HSS) (6/20)
  • ^congrats!  Any revealing details in the offer letter for those of us still waiting? 
  • ^ Thank you! the email I received did not have any details about the process but I asked about my rank on the waitlist (to guage how large it was) when I first heard back and the administrator was happy to share that information.  I'm 90% sure that I'm not the first person to recieve an offer from the waitlist.  
  • ^thanks! possible for you to let me know what "rank" on the waitlist you were? 
  • ^2nd
  • ^thank you!  Did you get a "accept by" date? I'm still waiting for an update!
  • ^They said to respond as soon as possible (I replied immediately).  The fellowship agreement is supposed to come this month (July).  Good luck!  

Consortium for Faculty Diversity (Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellowship Fellowships) Edit

Applied x5

  • Has anyone heard anything? – 4/11

DAAD Graduate Research FellowshipEdit

Applied x1

  • Acceptance received via email/portal x1 (April 3rd)

Dartmouth College Eastman/Marshall Dissertation FellowshipEdit

Applied x2

  • Rejection received 4/5
  • Also rejected 4/5

Dolores Liebmann Fellowship Edit

Applied via my institution (1/5)

  • Notified as a finalist of my institution; to be forwarded to national pool (1/24)
  • Program officer told me they typically notify in May/June
  • Rejection received regular mail (6/19)

Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship Edit

Applied x1

  • Recieved invitation to interview (12/10)
  • Accepted via email (2/9)
  • Wait List via email (2/10). Any chance someone will turn down a position?
  • Rejection (2/10): G&L
  • Those who have heard back, which track did you apply to? Garden & Landscape, Pre-Colombian, or Byzantine?
  • I'm the 2/9 acceptance: Byzantine.
  • 2/10 wait list: Pre-Columbian

Emory University James Weldon Johnson Institute Visiting Fellowship for Pre-Doctoral Scholars Edit

Applied x3

  • 4/10- any idea when we'll hear about this one?
  • 4/10- received alternate notification right after I posted above x2
  • 4/17 - I haven't heard anything. How were others notified?
  • 4/18- I was notified via email
  • 4/26- any word on whether the offers have been accepted or if the alternates are advancing?
  • alternate here - haven't heard anything though the letter said we should know by early May, so hopefully we'll hear something in either direction in the next week or two. Good luck!
  • good luck to you too!
  • rejection after earlier alternate notification (5/5)

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship Edit

Applied x8

Help! Is anyone getting the validation error "A Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree must be entered in your educational history" even though you've already entered that information into the education form?

  • I'm having the exact same issue! Right now I've got listed my institution twice, once as saying I've earned the PhD in 2018, and again as the proposed institution for the fellowship.
  • Did exactly the same as the person above
  • Did it let you submit the application with that format? I put in an e-mail to the helpline, but it was right around 5pm ET today. It would be nice to be able to submit tonight rather than waiting for their response (if one even comes) tomorrow. --> Submitted this morning. The help people did e-mail early this morning saying that my education materials were validated, but this was only after I had already implemented your workaround. Thanks for helping!!
  • 3/2 just want to know what's going to happen with this. From past years, it looks like we can expect updates at the very end of the month. gahhh
  • 3/11 Based on some old forums, we should here back around 3/20 if they are on the same schedule as 15/16. Does anyone know how many applicants this fellowship normally gets? Good luck everyone!
  • 3/15 well they give 36 awards and 200 honorable mentions or so. So I'd guess they get at least 400 applicants, probably more? I want this so bad.
  • 3/21 Now is when I start obsessively checking my email....
  • 3/21 Anyone hear anything yet?  For both Dissertation Fellowships and Predoc Fellowships?
  • 3/22 Still nothing. Fingers crossed for this weekend...
  • 3/22 nothing here for pre-doctoral
  • 3/22 Notifications Sent Out
  • 3/22 11:30AM eastern time : received and accepted offer for dissertation fellowship. Good luck everyone!
  • 3/22 alternate for dissertation - English. 600 applicants this year according to letter.
  • 3/22 12:07 Eastern: rejection
  • please, anyone reporting tell us your discipline, and if awarded, if you will accept or decline.
  • 3/22 alternate for dissertation-ecology.
  • Congrats and good luck everyone! Alternate notification rec'd for dissertation award (English) 9:11am PST. 600 applicants for 36 awards. Will let you all know if I hear anything else... (3/22)
  • 3/22, alternate for dissertation, History (Latin America). If the person from history who won is reading this, I would love to know if you plan on accepting :) x 2
  • Rejection for pre-doctoral; email says over 1700 apps, 65 awards.
  • honorable mention for dissertation fellowship - education. congrats to the recipients! (3/22)
  • 3/22 alternate for dissertation, Literature. Congrats to the recipients
  • IF you got it, when do you have to accept or decline? Has anyone called for more information for alternate status? 202.334.2000  please post updates.
  • Must accept/decline by April 12
  • 3/22 - contacted Ford they said that it is very rare for someone to decline at the diss levels. so alternates pretty much have been rejected with honors at this point. Bitter pillbox (not just the pill) so is life.
  • I Called and was told I cannot be told any information. Anyone get a different story?

Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies Pre-doctoral FellowshipEdit

  • >Applied x1
  • Rejection received 4/19. for future reference, the website said notifications would be sent early March but they went out over a month later

Fulbright IIE Study/Research Grants Edit

Applied x2

Fulbright Hays DDRA 2017-2018 Edit

  • Does anyone know whether the DDRA has first or second round cuts? Or do they announce all at the same time via our university?
  • I think they just announce it once sometime Aug/Sept? 
  • I heard they are aiming to announce end of July early Aug this year.
  • Applied x6
  • July 6- All applicants are asked to reaffirm that they are seeking the grant, and did not accept a Fulbright IIE or Nehru. Must inform by July 14.
  • No notice as of August 15.
  • No notice as of August 23.
  • No notice as of September 6.
  • according to the grad cafe folks, it might be late september
  • Got an informal email from our program officer that I didn't - or a few of us didnt get it. The email says official notices will go out once prospective fellows officially accept their award. .. good luck!
  • According to a Fulbright Commissioner, they haven't even recieved the applications for final approval in the host countries. Also recieved a notice from the Fulbright Association that reads as follows: 
"ADVOCACY ALERT: The Senate Appropriations Committee will meet this Thursday, September 7 to consider the future of the Fulbright Program. We are calling on members of our community to write to their senators immediately, urging them to support the Fulbright Program at $250 million and to restore full funding to the Fulbright-Hays Program, which faces elimination.
The Fulbright-Hays Program funds research and training experiences for university faculty, K-12 teachers, and others to strengthen instruction in foreign languages, cultural understanding, and international studies. The elimination of Fulbright-Hays would be a terrible loss to U.S. international education.
Learn more here — — and use our online advocacy platform to write directly to your senators in less than 5 minutes. The platform includes a pre-populated letter, so all you have to do is hit send! Please reach out to your senators and share widely as we work to reach every senator by Thursday's committee meeting.
We ask that you take this action even if you have already reached out to your representatives as part of our Stand For Fulbright campaign earlier this summer. Thank you for your continued support of Fulbright! #StandForFulbright"
  • Received notice of award from program officer, September 7.
  • Received notice from program officer of winning the grant, 9/8! X2
  • 9/12 Still no word from FH. Is this a guaranteed no?
    • I feel like this is hard to say because no one in my cohort was notified, so while it is possible we were all rejected, it coudl also be that our PO has yet to contact anyone who applied through our uni. 
  • Received rejection and comments 10/3 - scored average 89.5/105

Gaius Charles Bolin Dissertation FellowshipEdit

Applied x4

  • Anyone have an interview?
  • Found out I was not a finalist today, 2/1. (History) 
  • Found out I was not a finalist today. (Africana Studies) x2

Are we supposed to get interview requests by now? It's a little unclear from past years. Nothing here. (History)

  • Found out I was not a finalist 2/1. (English) (x2)

For those that heard back today: Did the notification disclose the number of applicants?

How were people notified, email? 

Had an interview back in mid January. Have not heard anything yet. (Environmental Studies)

  • Interview in January, nothing since.
  • I wonder if the winners have already been notified (x2)
  • 02/17. Finalist rejection email. "Final decision had less to do with caliber of application than with the 'fit' of certain scholarly interests with our plans for staffing and the curriculum in the coming year." x4
  • I wonder how many finalists there were on the "short list".

Getty Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowship Edit


  • Rejection received via email (2/7) x2
  • Also received rejection e-mail (2/7). Email said they got a record number of applications this year.
  • Any news on postdoc apps? I haven't heard anything yet (3/1)
  • Rejection from postdoc via email (3/23)

Getty Library Research Grant Edit

Applied x1

  • Received acceptance e-mail (1/11)

Harry Frank Guggenheim Fellowship Edit

  • Applied (x2)
  • Does anyone know older colleagues who applied and won this fellowship? Is this fellowship stackable with other opportuniites (ie teaching, other scholarships, etc)?
  • This one really drags out. Hopefully sometime soon...
  • anyone heard back from this one yet, whether accept or reject? I have not heard anything yet sofar and we are now really late in June.....i am wondering if I accidentally missed an email? (x2)
  • Nothing here. I emailed last week to ask if they had an idea of when notifications would be sent, but they haven't responded to that either. 
  • Rejection e-mail 6/20 (x2)

Henry Luce/ACLS Dissertation Fellowship in American ArtEdit

Applied x2

  • Listed as an alternate. (3/6)
  • ^did you receive an email?
  • Yes, this morning.
  • Rejected via email (3/8) x2


  • If anyone has information regarding when the acceptance/decline responses are due from the accepted, this alternate would be very grateful to hear it. Congratulations to all that were accepted!

Horowitz Fellowship Edit

  • -Applied (x4)
  • Any update? (May 17)
  • Acceptance email on May 11. Deadline to decline/accept the award is May 20. 

Huntington Library Fellowship Edit

Short-term fellowship:

  • Applied x2
  • Rejected 3/1
  • Awarded (3/2/17)

Travel fellowship:

  • Applied x1
  • Awarded (2/23/17)

IHR Doctoral Fellowship (Scouloudi, Thornley, RHS) Edit

Ithaca College Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowship Edit

  • Applied X2
  • Any updates on this? (03/16) (03/22)
  • A professor at IC told me that they had made an offer (3/25, told to me a few weeks ago).
  • Was a finalist and did a campus visit (was pretty intense/similar to TT visits done by friends on job market). Did not get the position though. Notified by dept chair after I wrote a follow up email and he checked with Dean's Office; no official rejection yet but I know the other candidate accepted so it's just a matter of time. For next year's applicants, here is the timeline:
  •  Feb 16: finalist notification from chair of department (asked for a writing sample, 40 min talk tailored for both faculty and students, and 3 LoRs at this point)
  • Feb 28: campus visit (they were trying to do them all before Mar 3)
  • included 2 dinners with faculty, numerous faculty meetings throughout the day, meeting with students, and dean/assistant dean, job talk with q&a (audience was half students, half faculty)
  • Mar 27: I wrote to ask if decisions had been made. Found out on 3/29 that another candidate/dept got the offer and accepted. 
  • FYI Departments have finalists who are invited to visit; after visits, the departments make their case to the Dean's Office. Ultimately, it's the Dean who decides. There seems to be some tensions about how the hire happens/final decision is made.

Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship Edit

  • Received request for address (Tokyo headquarters) 3/8

Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program Edit

Anyone apply or hear anything yet?

  • Applied. Does no news mean rejection at this point?
  • I'm not sure? But their website says we should have news this week. I think it's a bit early to definitively say that silence is rejection. That's what I'm hoping anyways...
  • 12/115 accepted.

Josephine de Karman Fellowship Edit

Applied x6

  • Anybody know when they notify?
  • Not yet (4/15)
  • Not yet. (4/15)
  • Not yet (4/18). Anybody hear from them?
  • Their website says approx. April 15 (2/20)
  • Previous years' wikis show that the committee meets a final time on a Saturday (and April 15 is a Saturday this year...), and that winners are notified by both phone and e-mail on that day.
  • I called recently (trying to get confirmation of receipt of application) and the recording said they'll be meeting on the 22nd.
  • Good to know. Thanks for the update! (3/24)
Any news?
  • Anyone heard anything?
  • silence... (4/22; 4pm PDT) -- nothing here too (4/22, 7.30pm EST)
  • probably those who are accepted do not follow here. this one is over, i guess.
  • Still nothing (4/23, 12pm PDT)
  • Haven't heard anything 4/24 9:20 EST. I doubt they sent out notifications on a weekend.- based on previous years' wiki, they send out notificatjons on saturdays.
  • Yeah nothing here yet, 4/24
  • idk why my comment above is deleted but here it is again: i called and the recording said that the foundation would meet on april 22nd and successful applicants would receive a phone call on that day and if you did not get a phone call or email on april 22nd, you should assume that you application was not selected. hope this helps.
  • Still nothing over here, 5/4. Anybody?
  • Rejection, (5/1), in reply to email inquiry about status of application.
  • An update: Rejection (5/16). I called to ask for any updates, and she told me that they're still trying to get emails out, but that if I hadn't received any acceptance email so far, it meant I had NOT been selected. Very polite.


Kress Foundation History of Art Institutional Fellowships Edit

Lake Institute Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Edit

Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship Edit

Applied x2

  • Committee meets around beginning of April. Winners will be notified via email, rejections sent out via snail mail.
  • Has anyone heard anything at this point? (4/7)
  • Denial received snail mail, 103 applicants (4/8) congrats to those who are awarded it

Mabelle McLeod Lewis Memorial Fund Edit

Applied (x1)

  • Received acceptance e-mail 4/10. E-mail says that official offer letter will be mailed next week. 
  • Same here. To poster above, have you received said letter yet? 
  • No, I've received nothing yet, despite having sent two e-mails and left a voicemail for the contact person. I have a friend who also applied who didn't get a rejection e-mail from them until May 10th, so it seems like they are moving very slowly. I will post here if I hear anything back from the contact person, and I'd appreciate it if you would also post if you find out anything or if your letter arrives. 
  • Thanks for the response! I have also sent multiple emails and left multiple voicemails, and was beginning to get worried. I suppose there is nothing more we can do for the moment, but I will post on here as soon as I hear anything at all from them.
  • Chiming in here as a 3rd person who received an acceptance email on 4/10. Have had some intermittent communication with the contact person, who most recently wrote on 6/15 to say that Wells Fargo was preparing the offer letters. 10 days later, still no news...
  • 8/2 Now a month and a half has passed since the offer letters were supposedly being prepared. I assume that neither of you has heard anything either? 
  • 8/16 Received an e-mail from the contact person letting me know that she had received my offer letter from Wells Fargo on Friday 8/11, but they made a mistake in the letter (listing my university as UC Berkeley instead of UC Davis), so it would need to be rewritten. She said that she had already informed Wells Fargo and that "a revised letter will be sent soon." Have either of you received your letters? 
  • 8/18 Received award letter and other documents via e-mail. Award must be accepted by August 31st. 

Marilyn Yarbrough Dissertation/Teaching Fellowship (Kenyon College) Edit

Applied x6

Has anyone gotten an interview or offer?

  • I had a Skype interview yesterday. There will also be flyouts. [2]
  • Does anyone know if they send all of the rejections at the same time? I haven't received one yet and no interview request on my end either, which I assume would've happened by now (2/8) 
  • Flyouts scheduled. (2/13)
  • To the person above. Do you know if all of them have been scheduled? (2/13)
  • I suspect so, but don't know.
  • Had Skype interview, but did not receive campus visit, and was rejected today 3/6/17. "I regret to inform you, however, that we have made a job offer and it has been accepted." Congrats to the recipient!
  • Invited for skype interview on 1/27/2017. Skype interview 2/7. Campus visits scheduled 3/13. Visited campus 3/1/17 (final canddiate flyout). Job offered on 3/10/17.

Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship in European Studies Edit

Applied x8

  • Last year, decisions were email between 4/25-29. This year, the website indicates applicants will be notified "no later than the end of April."
  • In the couple years prior to last year, looks like acceptances went out as early as between 3/28 and 4/3. So it might not be that much longer after all. (3/22)
  • Any news? (4/12) <--- silence so far, for me... x3
  • In other years, people didn't begin to hear anything until 4/25 (4/12)
  • I hate the waiting. But on the other hand, the application deadline for this grant is so much later than many others, that its waiting time is relatively short. Gotta give 'em credit for something! :-) (4/12)
  • Acceptance email received (4/19). Will be accepting the grant.
  • Congratulations! In previous years, it looks like acceptances have gone out on (at least) two different days, so hopefully there will be another round shortly. (4/19)
  • Yes received. Will likely be declining because luckily got something else. (4/19) Update: declined fellowship and they told me they will be selecting an alternate. (4/26)
  • No news here yet; congrats to those who were offered awards! Hoping for the next round(s) soon. (4/24)
  • Has anyone heard anything, rejections or alternates? (5/1)
  • Just got the rejection email. (5/1) x4
  • 5/10. No news for me, still. Am I the only one still waiting to hear from them? Has anybody emailed them and gotten a response? I emailed last week but haven't heard back, so I'm reluctant to bother them again, but I'm puzzled by the silence.

CLIR-Mellon Edit

Applied x8

Any news yet?

  • Last year it seems that applicants heard back at the end of March/beginning of April. The wait is really long...
  • It is indeed:( In last years' posts, I saw that they announce the offers sometime during early March and the rejections later before April 1, and wanted to see if any notifications are out yet.
  • It said in the e-mail I recieved when I submitted my application that we would hear "on April 3." That seemed oddly specific, but I'm not really holding out hope that news will come before then.
  • A friend who applied last year got her rejection on March 31.
  • Waiting...waiting...waiting...waiting (3/14)
  • Since April 3 is Monday, I think they can announce it in the last week of March. Also, offers generally come earlier, so I guess the critical time is between March 20 - 31. (3/14)
  • Anyone know how many applicants applied last year and how many awards were given out? 
  • around 450 applicants and 15 recepients 
  • Any new news yet? (3/21)
  • No... Waiting is so brutal. I hope acceptance emails have not been sent yet (3/21)
  • Everytime I see someone has posted I freak out and think that the news has finally arrived. But nay, nay. (3/21)
  • me too! but the thing is that if the awards have been sent we can never know it because of the policy. Is March 21 too late for any good news?
  • At least one successful applicant in a previous wiki (2015/16???) told the group when they received their acceptance. We can hope for the same. That was on 3/25 I think. Maybe there's a bit of hope left? (3/21)
  • Acceptance email received (March 22).  Offers to be announced over the coming week. X2
  • what time did they send the acceptance emails? 
  • Why are offers to be announced over the coming week? Is that to hedge for those who decline (unlikely)? Sob. Is it over? 
  • I think it is public announcement. Yes, it is over :( 

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art History Fellowships Edit

Applied x4

  • Rejection received via email (2/10) x 3
  • Accepted via email (2/10) x 1
  • As of 2/8/2018 - "2/10" has not passed and this information must be from last year?

Miller Center for Politics and History (UVA) Edit

This has moved to a center at UVA and is now called the National Fellowship Program at the Jefferson Scholars Foundation (see here )

  • - Does anyone know what the letter of rec instructions are? I can't imagine submitting this very far ahead of the deadline and instructions for letters of rec aren't E-mailed to recommenders until the student submits their whole application. I saw this on the website, "The letter of recommendation should be sent as a PDF attachment to the Jefferson Scholars Foundation at<" but am wondering if there are other specifics. Thanks!
  • Rejection, 3/27.

MIT SHASS Diversity Predoctoral FellowshipEdit

Applied x4

  • 3/27 any updates?
  • 3/27 No updates yet. Since the deadline was originally Feb. 15 and got extended to March 1, I think it will take at least another month until we hear from them
  • 3/29 - it seems odd to me that the deadline got pushed. Wonder why? Anyone know how many got it last year? Also, it is very late in the game to find out in May, that seems odd. I wonder if people pull their apps if they get other things.
  • 3/29- their application requirements weren't posted until early/mid January, so I think they pushed the deadline because they didn't receive enough applications by February 15
  • 4/6 -- Still no news here, anyone get anything? What can be done to not go crazy waiting? I am asking for a friend. =)
  • 4/7- haven't heard anything yet either. also trying not to go crazy, you're not alone!
  • 4/14 - Still no news! We will get through this!!
  • 4/19- news, anyone?
  • 4/19- nothing here. Well if only the people here applied, we all got it. Congratulations!
  • do we know how they will notify? emails or phone calls like josephine de karman does?
  • 4/19- last year they emailed

Acceptances sent out -- 4/20/2017

  • 4/20- acceptance received via email
  • yes, I've already accepted
  • 4/20 Congratulations. When did you receive acceptance email? Anyone who received a rejection or a waitlist?
  • My guess is that those that did not get accepted today, will probably be rejected or waitlist tomorrow if not later today.
  • thanks. 9:45 AM EST
  • 4/20 received my acceptance via email at 9:47 AM EST. I've already accepted another fellowship and will decline, fyi.
  • What is your deadline to accept? I wonder if they will take less than 7 people, or if they will have a waitlist to draw from?
  • they didn't give us a strict deadline to accept but the letter said to let them know "at our earliest convenience" or something along those lines
  • Has anyone received a rejection? I have not heard anything yet, I wonder if this means I am on a waitlist. And I second the question above, what is the deadline to accept?
  • what should we assume if we have not received a rejection yet?
  • It doesn't seem like anyone has been rejected yet. So I am not sure. I was hoping it meant we were waitlisted, but it might just mean that we are waiting to be rejected. They might not have an outright waitlist. They might just test the waters and see who accepts, and based on that reach out to people. After a few weeks they might finally reject everyone else. Not sure.
  • 5/12- still no news here. Not sure what MIT is up to.
  • 5/17- no news so far. Did it take this long last year?
  • 5/16- last year the deadline was on may 1st.
  • 5/17- well the weird thing is that two people above claim they got accepted, about a month ago. Everyone else hasn't gotten any word.
  • 5/17- the dean's office sent acceptances but HR hasn't sent recipients the paperwork, so they might be waiting to get everything officially signed before sending rejections
  • 5/17- anyone tried contacting them? i'm afraid of what i might receive as an answer so i havent :)
  • I think it is safe to assume that if we didn't get notified by now, we didn't get it. I wish MIT would notify a wait list, because you can put that on your cv. Making everyone wait is painful, and we can't record it as an achievement.
  • 5/18- rejection email received. 
  • 5/18- same here, to those who get it, congrats!

NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program Edit

  • Deadline October 6, 2016 at 5 pm EST.
  • Applied x3
  • Q: there are first and second round notifications for the Spencer Dissertation Fellowship, correct? can anyone shed light on when first round cuts might be made?
  • I believe they cut the total group down to a smaller group in March, and notify people then. In the past they have made their final notifications after AERA. FWIW, I just noticed a bad typo in my application, so that's one less person you'll have to compete with!
  • Thanks for the reply! Jeez 6-8 months is a LONG review period. And I feel your pain on the typos, let's hope overall package > individual typos.
  • Was able to sign into my application portal, status is listed as "Drafting." (2/7) 
  • Update -- I'm the same person as above -- my status in my application portal has shifted to "Submitted." No clue what this means, if anything! (2/10)
  • I'm unable to log into my portal. Looks like all the links to apply have been removed. (2/13)
  • This is what I've been told regarding the review process: all apps are read by a single reviewer and given a yes/no, and making it past that first screening seems to be a bit of a wildcard. I was told by faculty that great proposals get reject off the bat, and very mediocre ones can get through, simply based on the single reviewer. However, once the field is narrowed, the entire committee looks and the process is much more stringent. Seems like the winenrs are definitely the best of that narrowed group, but great proposlas don't always get to the full review  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Whaat?! Thanks for sharing, but UGH. If this is indeed the process, I have very little confidence! Most major fellowship applications at least have 2-3 faculty reading each application so they can check one another. Do you know how many finalists they choose? 
  • Got an email at 9:54am CST that I am one of 65 semi-finalists! (2/22/17)
  • Semi-finalist notifications went out this morning! (2/22/17) They narrowed about 350 applications down to 65. 35 will receive awards -- final decisions coming in May!
  • Rejection email (2/22/17)
  • I am a semi-finalist! Any tips for the final round? (2/22/17)
  • Me too! Not sure I have much to share in terms of tips. Submit the budget & timeline revisions, and hope for the best at the full committee meeting in May! A little over half of semi-finalists will receive awards, so the odds are good.
  • how should the budget be formatted? (3/04/17)
  • This page is for dissertation fellowships for 2014-15 (including research fellowships, dissertation completion fellowships, and other predoctoral opportunities).

See previous years' pages: Dissertation Fellowships 2012-13 AND Dissertation Fellowships 2013-14.

See also fellowship discussions at theGradCafe: The Bank

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RECENT ACTIVITY on Dissertation Fellowships 2014-15 WikiEdit

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AAUW Dissertation FellowshipEdit

  • Deadline: November 15, 2013
  • Any idea what the odds are on this?  Aside from bad, I mean.
  • Any idea when we might hear back? I can't find a date on the website, and it was one of the earlier deadlines, so I was thinking we might hear soon, but I don't know.
    • APRIL 15, 2014. Notification of awards mailed to all applicants. Fellows and Grantees posted on AAUW’s website at AAUW is not able to honor requests for earlier notification.
    • 3/27/14: Anyone heard anything at all about early rejections?
    • 4/2/14: I haven't heard anything about early rejections yet.  Has anyone application been updated in the online portal, where the recommendations are listed?  What a long wait!
  • Applied (Dissertation)? x11
  • applied x2 to the "international" competition
  • 4/7/14: WoC, applied for the dissertation fellowship and I havent heard anything about early rejections yet.  My application status still says "recommended"
  • 4/8/14: Mine does too (just says "recommended). Ugh, only a week to go I guess...kind of agonizing, though probably ridiculous to hope since the odds are so bad on this one! (x6)
  • Has anyone heard anything?  I know, I know...patience is a virtue and they'll be posting the recipients online tomorrow, but I suspect that recipients may have already received emails letting them know?  I find it a bit ridiculous that, obviously, they have already selected their gals, but we have to wait until exactly on Tax Day to find out who received what (for $40 an application, they could at least have a less arbitrary "reveal" date).
  • 4/14/14: Nope, nothing on my end. My guess is they aren't sending emails (but depressingly -if they are we just didn't get one because we aren't winners!) And yep, totally ridiculous. Also wondering what time will it be posted? At midnight tonight, or mid-day tomorrow? Anyone know?
  • cue Wilson Phillips "Hold On"---one more day...
  • Would someone please post the link here when it comes?
  • I can't log in to the application portal. Maybe they are in the process of updating?
  • 4/14-No e-mail, or regular mail notification. The wait continues.  What time tomorrow will the list be up on the website, does anyone know? 
  • 4/15-I woke up dreaming the list was posted.  It isn't on the website yet that I can find.  Anyone know where on the site it will be posted?
  • 4/15-I dreamt that I won the fellowship last night, which likely reduces my odds of winning even more lol! I haven't seen anything on the website either. I was hoping it would be up this morning. Good luck to us all!

4/15 - list is up. Congratulations to winners!

4/19- Congratulations to the winners!  Received a letter in the mail today letting me know that I am an alternate! (x3)

Best of luck to the other alternates out there! (x4)

- Anyone know how many alternates are selected, and when alternates find out if they get selected?

I would be curious to know about alternates, too. I just came home from a trip away to see that I've been selected as an alternate, as well. I am guessing that not many people turn this fellowship down, but it's nice to know. (5/3) -Have any alternates heard anything yet? (5/16)

Nothing yet here (5/17) Or here (5/18)

Waiting, waiting, waiting to hear about alternate status, but I'm thinking I'll go ahead and pack this one in. :(

5/26 - Any news about alternate fellowships yet??

5/26 - I also haven't heard anything yet.

6/27 - Still nothing. I wonder if we are at the point where we can presume that alternate statuses won't be upgraded to selected for a fellowship.

Last year's Dissertation Fellowships wiki included the following: 

Dissertation Fellowships: 60
Postdoctoral Fellowships: 12
Publication Grants: 17
Total Fellowships: 89
Women of Color: 20%
Eligible Applicants: 693
Total Awards: $1,687,000

ACLS/ Luce Dissertation Fellowships in American ArtEdit

3/10 Emailed with acceptance (acceptance letter was in my spam folder!) 

  • --Congratulations! I haven't heard anything, which I assume is bad news. Anyone else?
  • A friend got a rejection by email on 3/10 too. If you're certain no notification is hiding in your spam folder, there's a small chance you're an alternate, but last year my alternate notification came on the same day as acceptances and rejections.

ACLS/Mellon Dissertation Completion FellowshipsEdit

So, did anyone apply this time? 

  • I did, and giggled in glee as I sent off many hours of work to be rejected. The odds on this fellowship are so bad, I might as well have bought lottery tickets.
  • I applied, and they contacted me within a couple weeks to tell me I wasn't qualified because I'm too much social science and not enough humanities.
  • Sorry to hear that, but I suppose it's good they told you sooner rather than later. I'm in the social sciences  and did not receive such a notice, so I guess that means there is a (teeeeny tiny) sliver of hope for me. Ha.

Waiting Game

  • The website states that applicants will be notified by "Late March."  That language is consistent with prior years, but I think it is to give them flexibility if a delay occures.  I just double-checked, and for each of the past three years (2011, 2012, and 2013) applicants were notified by e-mail on the first Friday in March.  If that pattern holds, we should hear from the foundation by Friday, March 7, 2014.  Good luck to everyone.
  • Has anyone heard back yet? (2/28)
  • Not yet. I assume above-mentioned date, Fri March 7, will hold up. (3/2)
  • Seems like less chatter on this one than in years past. Quiet before the storm?
  • I would wager it's more resignation than anything else. Our odds (something like 3-4 % in a good year, and who knows how many this year, after another bad job placement season) are so amazingly slim. 
  • Sigh, I suppose you're right.
  • I believe last year was Thursday. 3/7. So might this year be Thursday 3/6?
  • Looks like no... or do they sometimes release later in the day?
  • It's not even noon yet!!
  • Fair!
  • This is my first time applying- do they notify you in the case of rejection, or do you only get notified if you receive an award?
  • You will receive notice no matter what. Once the results are out, you can also ask for the reviewer's feedback as well (although not all reviewers will make it available). 
  • It's really annoying that the notifications for this one often, apparently, get caught in spam filters. My univ email + forwarding system has three separate stages at which spam can get caught, so now I have to check all three every 10 minutes (obviously).
  • Crap. Really? Do you know by chance what email address it might come from (based on past experience?) We also have very strong filters at my institution, but if I add an address to my contacts it might stop it from getting caught in the filter.
  • Talking to a friend who applied twice ... the notice came each time from a different specific person (so not a generic address), both - hopefully your filter can handle that?
  • Nothing yet here (2:45 PM Central Time) (x3)
  • Well, it's 5:15 on the East Coast, so I think we're looking at tomorrow. Best of luck, everyone. 
  • UPDATE: For what it's worth, I just called (at 9:10AM Eastern on 3/7) ACLS on their 212-697-1505212-697-1505 number, and spoke to Karen Watt Matthews on extension 138. She said that she didn't expect notifications to be sent out until the end of the month. I said that the reason I called was that in previous years, the notification went out around this time of March. She seemed to acknowledge that. So I asked her if notifications would be expected today (Fri 3/7). She said with a semi-chuckle, "Oh no, the committee hasn't even met yet." I thanked her for letting me know and sparing me the waiting anxiety. She seemed to semi-chuckle (sweetly) at that too. So there you have it, as far as this information goes, we won't hear from them today (unless the committee magically meets, decides and sends out notifications by end of day).
  • Thanks for sharing. I would never have had the guts to call, so it's really appreciated!
  • yes, thanks!! (x6)
  • No worries. I was like, don't want to waste another day constantly checking email, spam, and this wiki :)
  • (3/13) Has anyone heard anything yet? I check my mail every day and check my inbox once an hour.
  • No, I don't think anyone has heard yet.  But a belated thank you to the phone caller above, who put my incessant checking to rest. There are only three weeks left in the month, so hang tight everyone. I know this is agonizing.
  • Possible we will hear something tomorrow. I'd say likelier the Friday after that. And likeliest the one after that. But wouldn't it be nice to put this to rest tomorrow?
  • HEY everyone, just wanted to let you know that I spoke with the Program Director and his words verbatim were "We are trying our best to get all of the notifications out by the 25th and 26th"  so I would definintely not stalk your inbox too frequently just yet :) Best of luck!
  • Thank you so much! More waiting, but at least we can all relax a little. (x2)
  • Hi again, I just wanted to say something. Everyone who applies to this grant is inherently gifted, and I don't think any of you should forget that. Even though this grant may not come through, we will all make it!!!! (x3)
  • Email with acceptance 11:30 PST (3/18) (x7)
  • Congrats to you guys!
  • Please check your Spam folder everyone in your email. My acceptance came in there, and only by reading here did I remember to check that.
  • Wow nothing here. Is that an implied rejection? (x12) Guess so? Rude. 
  • what is the first letter of last name of person who was accepted?
  • my partner was accepted, last name begins with G. i have heard nothing, my last name begins with C. (3/18)
  • I just called the office and spoke to a woman on extension 161 (124, 136 and 138 went to voicemail). She checked and said that they were still in the process of sending out notices, that they "go out in waves", and that I should keep checking through the week. I asked whether both acceptance and rejection notices are going out together, and she seemed to say (a bit hesitantly to my pensive ear) "correct". Fingers crossed! <--Thank you for checking instead of just passively-aggressively sniping on facebook, like I did. We owe you one. (x2)
  • But if no one has received any rejections yet I'm hesitant to believe that. Sounds like acceptances first... (X5)
  • You're probably right (this is me, the phone caller) <sigh_shrug_guffaw_wtf_tears_fetal>
  • Thanks for your hilarious comment that will surely cheer us all up!  Remember...CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER, just in case!
  • Waitlisted! Email rec'd 3/18. Anyone else on the waitlist? Was anyone here accepted to this and something else and planning to turn this down? :)
  • I still haven't heard either way.  That is very unprofessional of them.  (x1000) There is also no update on the online application portal -- you'd think they could at least integrate the decisions into that system so that we could all have the chance of finding out within a reasonable range of time.
  • I haven't heard either. Do we think that people who haven't heard were rejected? (x2)
  • I think so - I presume the first round of bad news will start after lunch (EST).
  • The plot thickens: a colleague of mine just told me that he called x138 at the ACLS. He was told that the committee "just met" and that letters would go out by the end of next week. When he followed up asking if acceptances had already gone out, she insisted that nothing has gone out.  In other news, to all of those who are accepted, please treat us well when we are your adjuncts. :-) 
  • I wondered if we we're all being punkd. (x3)
  • Wait, that would be really elaborate at this point with the waitlist report and the person talking about last name letters... I'm so confused. And my confusion is so painful.
  • Can someone with basic computer skills please tell the rest of us how to check the IP addresses of the posts above?  I would love to know if we're being fooled -- and it shouldn't be that hard to figure out.  TYIA
  • I'm the poster above ("The plot thickens:"). I made my post more in the spirit of showing that the ACLS doesn't seem to have its story straight--as the post below ("OK, some clarification") also illustrates--than to suggest a conspiracy on this wiki. Those accepted should be rightly congratulated, as well as thanked, for sharing a private decision for public benefit. 
  • Thank you. I've also gone back and checked all the updates to this grant over the last three days.  If the IP addresses are any indication of who is actually posting, then there is no evidence of foul play.  While I hope the "rolling waves" comments are correct, I'm inclined to think that the fact I haven't heard means that I have been rejected.  Again, CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who were selected.  Well done!
  • OK, some clarification. I called one of the Program Assistants and he said that both acceptances/rejections as well as waitlist letters were ALL being sent on a rolling basis. So the tendency here should not be to to jump on the doomsday express. Not everyone who has been accepted has heard something.
  • So when I called yesterday (I was the person who spoke to extension 161 at 2pm PST), the woman didn't know which fellowship I was referring to -- I had to specify ACLS-Mellon Diss Completion. Then she gave me a response similar to the one right above, that acceptances and rejections were rolling together in waves (but she sounded tentative). So maybe the "plot thickening" post was a situation of ACLS not realizing the caller was asking abt a different fellowship. I think that if acceptances have gone out, they wouldn't have gone out by mistake.
  • Just to add (perhaps unnecessarily) to the general hysteria, I just received an email from the manager of the Office of Fellowships and Grants saying that notifications will be going out today. For what it's worth. So in other words: we might hear today? Maybe not?
  • Maybe they are all rolling, but if we have 6 acceptances out of what? 25 max? I think that writing is on the wall as not everyone even knows about/ checks this website. Sorry guys. I'm over and out with my doom and gloom.
  • Oh, you're probably right, but in the interests of correcting the record, there are 65 to 70 fellowships awarded and I bet a large proportion of people who applied check this website.
  • On a side note, even though I'm trying to be optimistic, I feel like curling up in a ball for an indeterminate period of time and weeping.
  • In reading previous years' threads about notifications being sent in waves, it seems that what those who called in heard about that being the case, is true. Calm down, people. And hope for the best. There are 70 fellowships. I've read, and reread the version of this website from 2012-13 and 2013-14; it seems like rejections/acceptances/waitlists etc poured in simoultaneously. Which suggests that, yes, ACLS does send out announcements on a rolling basis. Also inclined to think that there might be something to an alphabetized order. There's got to be a way to organize +1000 applications. Don't lose hope! It's not the end of the month just yet. [moved from top of page; posted 3/19]
  • It could also be by field since they had to break things up for the readers... (This is my hope too: 3/19)
  • That's a great point. For those of you who have heard back, what is your primary field?
  • On the one hand I feel bad for them for being flooded with calls, but on the other hand it seems like they should reconsider their system. Notification did say "1,000 applications for 65 awards."

Post-Hysteria Posts

  • Please use this space to post any definitive notifactions received after 12pm EST on 3.19.14
  • In case it helps to know more: the acceptance e-mail was a provisional award, which needs to be confirmed by an e-mail from the advisor, certifying in part that the student will finish the dissertation during the fellowship period. After the advisor sends the confirmation, due March 26, the ACLS will send out official paper award letters.
  • Mar 26?! Jesus, I think its safe to say that those of us who have not heard are being rejected. What a clusterfuck notification system.
  • Rejection 12:30PM PST (x4)
  • Rejection 12:33pm PST : I'm a "C" in English Lit. who fortunately has another offer. 
  • Rejection 3:30pm EST (art history)
  • Rejection 12:21pm PST. Last name C, American studies
  • Rejection. 3:40 EST (x3)
  • Rejection. 12.35PM PST. Communication.
  • Rejection. 3:22 EST. (x2) Last name F, American History (won dissertation aid elsewhere, so this was moot); Last name A, American Studies (I'm disappointed that I didn't get this fellowship - this was my second year applying - but I'm not overtly surprised. Judging from past years, the majority of the awards go to folks from top tier  universities and ivy leagues. Coming from a school that's neither of those, I always knew it was a shot in the dark. Oh well. Life goes on. I refuse to take this rejection as a sign of my worth as an academic. Congratulations to the winners!)
  • Rejection, 3:38 EST. Last name W, History; Rejection 3:25 Last name S, History 
  • Rejection - 3:48 EST. History. Probably a good thing because I think I'm going to want another year to work on the diss. Congrats to the successful applicants!
  • Rejection - 3:55 est - Sociology.... now I have to finish this thing faster! Congrats to the lucky few!
  • Rejection - 4:55 pst - History - Last name P, rejection. Sigh. Hearty congratulations to those that were successful.
  • Rejection- 3:55 est- Anthropology. FML!
  • Just a reminder that you can ask to see your reviewer comments, if that's something that interests you, by replying to the rejection email. I got the following response: "We received your request for feedback on your application to the Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship program. ACLS’s reviewing system allows evaluators to release comments to applicants at their discretion. Hence, it is possible to not receive comments from all of the reviewers who participated in the assessment of your application. As we are still in the midst of the fellowship selection season, you will receive an email with the comments that reviewers provided on your application by late April."
  • Reviewer comments are not ready yet (3/14)
  • Have any of the alternates received word yet? In previous years succesful alternates heard back as quickly as two weeks after the initial announcement.
    • not yet! The original notification said to expect to hear by the end of April, but I assume they already know whether anyone has declined since recipients had to confirm acceptance by 3/26. So I can't imagine it's a good sign not to have heard by now. Any idea how many alternates they selected? Did anyone here who was accepted decline it?
    • I agree - the window of opportunity is closing rapidly. While some alternates have definitely received the award, a quick search on google shows that a significant number of people (like 20) were declared alternates but were never upgraded to awardees. These folks put their alternate status on their CVs.  
    • Got my official rejection off the alternate list today 4/18. Congrats to everyone who made it!
  • Comments received (2pm Pacific - 4/29) x3
  • Did anyone else get unanimously positive comments and still get rejected?
    • Yep, I had only rave reviews about my project despite being rejected.

ACOR-CAORC FellowshipEdit

  • Deadline February 1, 2014
  • Applied x2
  • Notification by April 15
  • It is April 14 has anyone heard anything???
  • check your spam box, my answer came in the spam box

AERA Minority Dissertation FellowshipEdit

American Academy in Rome- Rome PrizeEdit

Has anyone applied to this? Invitations to interview should go out this month.

  • I applied to this. Haven't heard anything yet.  Has anyone else? (1/17)
  • Nothing here either. (1/28) x6
  • Last year, finalists were invited to interview on 2/1.  Every years is different, of course, but if I don't hear by Monday, I'm breaking out the consolation wine.
  • Invitations last year were delayed due to server issues, etc, during the submission process because of Hurricane Sandy. Generally they go out in mid-January, though each field is notified individually on the timeline of each committee. While I would be surprised to hear they have gone out given that no one has posted such news on here, I'm only holding out hope for another week or so.
  • Has anyone heard yet? (2/4)
  • A friend has interview but for a postdoctoral position. Any word about us predoc candidates? (2/17)
  • Seriously? Still nothing? The website says that the committees meet from Jan-Mar... but in years past they had already started sending out rejections at this point... (2/26)
  • Also, haven't heard anything (rejection or interview). Maybe they are delayed cause of all the crazy weather? (3/4)
  • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I've just worked up the nerve to call the office in NYC directly -- as it turns out, all the juries are done meeting, they've conducted interviews, and contacted the finalists. Rejection letters should be going out in the next week or so. But the nice gentleman I spoke with encouraged me to try again next year, as their committees change completely from year to year. Oh well! Congrats to the fellows out there, and better luck next time to everyone else! (3/4)
  • Thanks, OP, and congrats, fellows x3
  • And to make it official: rejection in the inbox. Congrats to the fellows and best of luck to the rest of us in finding some sort of funding for next year... x2
  • They were very insistent on keeping the interviews secret. For the record, notification of the interviews was later in January (1/21-1/23) for interviews were conducted last week in February (1/22-1/25). Thanks and good luck next year!

ASA Minority FellowshipEdit

Deadline: Jan. 31, 2014

  • Applied (x2)
  • Has anyone heard anything back? Or does anyone know when ASA notified applicants last year? Thanks! (04/16)
  • I think a flyer or other promotional material said we would hear back by April 30.
  • Just talked with one of last year's winners. The winner was called with the news about a week before the stated announcement date, so maybe we'll hear back soon too.
  • A friend of a friend apparently received an offer a while ago. I'm guessing that means that selections have been made and that the rest of us are out of the running.
  • Received email re alternate status, 4/29

Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Research Fellowships, Harvard UniversityEdit

  • Ernest May Fellowship, deadline January 15, 2014
    • Applied: x1
    • Rejected (3/24)

Boston College African and African Diaspora Dissertation FellowshipEdit

  • Deadline: January 31, 2014
  • Applied: x5
  • Email confirming receipt of application (2/10) x4
  • Selection committee hopes to make final decision by the week of April 21.
  • Just got my rejection letter (4/4) (x2)
  • The rejection letter was really encouraging and personalized. That's how to write a good rejection letter (I'm looking at you, Woodson Institute...). Congratulations to the winner!

Me too

I still haven't been notified... did you guys get your notification via email or post?

-Both. Why don't you contact the director?

CAORC Mediterranean Regional Research FellowshipEdit

  • Deadline: January 13, 2014
  • Applied x7
  • Notification by April 15

On 4/2 I received an email asking me to fill out forms for the American Research Center in Egypt.  However, the email makes it very clear that *it is NOT confirmation that I have received an award.*  One of the forms has to be filled out in ARABIC, including an abstract of my project, and they want it turned in on 4/7! Hopefully this is a good sign?

  • Update 4/14: I just received an email that I am an alternate.

I received that form e-mail in early February. It might be for you!

April 14, any news??

  • Nothing yet x3
  • Alternate status (last name 'A' ): email says they chose SIX
  • Rejection received via email (4/15)
  • check SPAM

Has anyone with 'alternate' status heard news yet? 

CAORC Multi-Country Research FellowshipEdit

  • Deadline: January 13, 2014
  • Applied x5
  • Notification by April 15
  • Rejection received via e-mail (4/10), x3

Carter G. Woodson Institute PreDoctoral Fellowship at UVA (African & African American)Edit

  • Deadline: December 1, 2013
  • Applied: x4
  • Looks like in past years notification went out mid to late-February.  Good luck to all!
  • Anyone know how many predoctoral fellows they typically accept? Publics vs. Ivies?
  • There are currently 8 so I would deduce 4 per year but I don't think they provide that info
  • On the website, it says notifications coming out in early March
  • It looks like decisions came out towards the end of February the past few years. The website does say "early March," however, so perhaps the date changed. The website also states that decisions will be mailed out. Does anyone know if that was the case in previous years (or were decisions e-mailed)?
  • New theory: the 4 of us who applied to this are probably also the 4 who applied to the Boston College African Diaspora fellowship. How about we decide who among us goes to UVA & who goes to Boston, WE notify THEM, and everyone lives happily ever after. Y/ Y?
  • So you're suggesting the time honored tradition of dibs? I'm in. Dibs on the Woodson. I feel so much better about this whole process now.
  • Received a rejection letter via mail today (3/10) (x2)
  • Still waiting, but I am on the West Coast. :/ 
  • Received rejection today (3/11) in the Midwest.
  • Received rejection today via mail (3/15). x2
  • Any acceptances? I have not received any information one way or another.
  • Haven't received anything yet - what does this mean?  
  • For those who have received notifications, does it still read "Under Review" when you login to your profile? Still haven't heard anything...
  • My status still shows as "Under Review," but I have indeed been rejected. I would make sure there's nothing in your spam folder and then try to contact Deborah McDowell, the program director. Good luck! (3/22)
  • 3/24--You might also check with Cheryll Lewis 434-924-6255434-924-6255 cll2d@Virginia.EDU, who is the asst for this program. 
  • 4/9--Still haven't heard back. Assumed rejection.
  • 4/10--Has anyone heard about acceptances?
  • 4/13-No info about acceptances. Anyone willing to call?
  • 4/13 - I'm not sure why someone needs to call to hear about acceptances. Obviously, if you haven't heard one way or the other on your application (or are on a waitlist), by all means, call. I'm sure they'll do a press release when they're ready to make the announcement. There are many reasons why they wouldn't want to make this info public yet - perhaps some of the people they selected are deciding on other fellowship offers, or maybe some of them are candidates for jobs and making negotiations on that front.

Carter Manny AwardEdit

Since the Carter Manny Award’s establishment in 1996, over $600,000 has been awarded in recognition of outstanding doctoral students whose work represents some of the most innovative and advanced scholarship on architecture and its role in the arts, culture, and society.

Center for Democracy, Development and Rule of Law (Stanford) Predoctoral Fellowship   Edit

  • 1 applied
  • rejection by email (3/18)

Center for Jewish History, Dissertation FellowshipsEdit

  • Deadline: February 10, 2014

Center for Jewish History, Lapidus Summer Fellowship ProgramEdit

  • Deadline: March 3, 2014
  • Six-week summer fellowship from June 16, 2014 to July 25, 2014 with a stipend of $6,000.
  • Any updates? (4/7) 

CFD--Consortium for Faculty Diversity Pre and Post-Doctoral FellowshipsEdit

  • Deadline: October 31, 2013 (continuous)
  • I know the deadline just passed, but has anyone heard anything yet? 11/13
  • Must have patience for this one -- many of the schools do not move on this until the spring.
  • Any updates out there?  I'm guessing I was passed over since I never heard.  4/7
  • Received pre-doctoral, 1 year fellowship-March 2014

Charlotte Newcombe FellowshipEdit

  • 11/19 - anyone else still waiting for letters and supplemental materials submitted last week to show up online? 
  • yes, anxiously so! Waiting on a letter that I know my recommender emailed. (11/20)
  • Just received the confirmation email referenced below (11/21)
  • 11/20 - emails going around today letting you know that your application is complete.  Got mine and so did a friend this afternoon.
  • I got an email stating my application was complete on (11/20) also, but it hasn't shown up in the system yet. Also, for some horrific reason, I have 5 open applications on the system because it just kept creating new ones.
  • OP here--just got an email (11/21) also confirming complete application, said it would take a few days to show up online. My duplicate applications have been deleted by the program.
  • 2/18 - Any news? I'm anxious! (x3)
  • Nothing yet (2/18)
  • Based on past wikis we should be hearing something today, but nothing yet (2/20)
  • Hopefully news this Friday 2/28.... Unless others have heard back already? Good luck everyone! (2/25)
  • Nothing as of 2/26! (x7)
  • Does anyone know when they plan to notify everyone about the first round of rejections and the finalists? (2/27)
  • It looks like finalists were selected 2/23, 2/22, 2/22, and 3/7 the past four years. Last year appears to be an anomaly because of Hurricane Sandy, so I imagine we'll be notified later today, tomorrow, or next week at the latest. (2/27)
  • Just got notice that I didn't make it on to the final round - >550 applications for 22 spots. Good luck to the finalists! (2/28) (x8)
  • Finalists notified via e-mail (2/28) ("12% of almost 600 applications" were selected) (x4)
  • I haven't heard anything, rejection or otherwise. What does that mean?
  • To the above- it's possible that you might be under consideration as an alternate, in case someone turns it down.
  • It's a Friday and wondering if we will hear today ...Last year notification was 4/1 but in past years it has been in late March. (3/28) (x3)
  • Just notified that I am not a Fellow.  Congrats to those who were selected!  (3/31) (x3)
  • Award notification by email Monday 3/31. Given until Friday to accept/decline award.

Chateaubriand Fellowship in the HumanitiesEdit

Applied x 7

Any idea about the response time frame for this fellowship? (4/17)

  • From the website: "Traditionally, the selection committee meets at the end of April. Results will be sent by e-mail early in May." (4/19) 
  • In past years they appear to have notified around this time. Maybe we'll hear something this week. (4/21)

Did anybody hear anything? (4/30)

Rejection via email. 130 applicants 15 fellowships (4/30)
I haven't recieved an acceptance or rejection email yet...curious to know if there might have been a mistake of some kind and if I need to contact them. Has anyone else NOT been contacted yet? (5/4)  [OP: this was an email issue]
Acceptance via email on April 30th for 8 month fellowship.  Decision due May 7.  (5/7)
I also received an acceptance on April 30th. Has anyone heard anything since from the program coordinator? (5/20)
Similarly, received acceptance on April 30th, accepted, and haven't heard back from the coordinator. Please update us if you hear! (5/23)
I've also written a couple of e-mails to the coordinator after accepting, but received no response. I guess I won't worry if I'm not the only one! (5/23)

CLIR/ Mellon FellowshipEdit

  • Applied x 12
  • Anyone know when to expect news? (3/3)
  • According to past forums, CLIR/Mellon notifications came on March 4 (2011), March 12 (2012), and March 20 (2013) by email. Those days were, respectively, the first Friday, the second Monday, and the third Wednesday of the month. Last year, rejection emails went out March 28. Nope, not obsessing. Not at all... (3/3)
    • Anything at all yet? (3/8) Nothing yet x3
    • When I applied, I received the following by email: "Thank you! Your application has been successfully submitted, and you will be notified of your application's status by e-mail on April 1, 2014."
  • My guess is winners have been notified at this stage. Seems to be too late to start making first-round announcements. (3/10) x2
    • hope not, but no news here (3/10)... but as posted above, it's all still possible! x 2
    • still nothing.... anyone else? (3/12) x 8
    • just paranoid thinking: 9 original applicants here, but after march 4 only 4 of us complaining about no news....?
    • ^^other people have lives and aren't wasting their time on this thing? (also # has increased to 6, FTW!)
    • still nothing. just sayin' (3/13) x6
      • If it's any consolation, last year people posted within minutes/seconds to say they'd gotten a positive response. I wouldn't be surprised if the same is true this year and people just haven't heard yet. Go anonymity! 
      • Regardless of the news, I'd guess this will be the week (3/16).
      • countdown starts: nothing today (3/17). so far. x6
      • aaaaand nothing today (so far).... (3/18). This ain't looking good. Doesn't anyone know anyone who has a friend who got the award email a week a go and can put us out of our misery?
  • I think it's over. Sigh. I would say that they have a crappy process telling winners well in advance (and everyone knowing this is how it's done), and meanwhile the losers have to wait til late March/early April to get their rejection. It's a bit like handing out bonuses and then saying "Oh, and everyone who is left. You're not only not getting a bonus; you're also fired!" x3
    • It is entirely possible that they simply have not made any decisions yet. I would wait until at least 1 April before panicking. x 2
    • Also remember that CLIR is based in DC, which has had at least five snow days this year (including Monday). I would guess that these disruptions might slow things down on their end. x2 YES! must be the snow. though if nothing today, then I'll bury my hopes in unfinished papers.
    • Nothing (3/19). x11
    • Nothing yet (3/20) x4. Maybe all the rejectees found themselves here in this little obsessive group...
    • Possible they haven't rendered their decisions yet: no one in this forum has announced that they've received a rejection email, and notifications of acceptance were sent out on March 20th last year.  Keep your head up!
    • You know, I was reading the ACLS/Mellon thread, and it seemed like those folks just went ahead and called the fellowship office for clarification about the notification process/timeline. Maybe we should do that tomorrow... 
    • did someone try to call? or get the award? anything?
    • I tried to call yesterday and the only option was to leave a message (I did not). 
    • Nothing yet x 10
    • Right - some winners have to have been announced. Someone, somewhere...TALK TO US!!
    • so as I see it there are only two scenarios: 1) they have emailed winners weeks ago, and we happen to be a non-representative group with all losers or 2) there was major delay due to snow storms and they actually haven't decided yet. Problem with the hopeful 2) is that other Mellon committees DID meet despite the storms, and that such a late notice date would leave them only very little time for participants to confirm and/or to contact alternates....
    • Option 1 seems the most likely because the website already has information about the fellowship workshop for recipients.
    • I'm pretty sure that information has been up there for weeks, if not months. I don't think it has anything to do with whether a decision has been made or not ... 
    • Yes, I know. Well, well, we tried.
    • still waiting (03/24)
    • My theory is that good and bad news will all come on 1 April, as the CLIR Mellon people stated in the 'thanks we've got your applications' emails... (03/24). 
    • /\ I like this theory!
    • Any word, anyone?  Hard to believe they haven't announced the awards yet... (03.27)
    • Nothing! (03.27). Expecting a rejection letter on 1 April, but it looks like nothing has been announced yet. Only a couple more days of waiting... 
    • I'd really like to know where my rejection is (3/31). x6
    • it seems like they will notify everyone tomorrow? whoa. any news? - Not yet x 1
  • rejection email received (4/1) X 7 (a friend got rejected too)
    • ironically got a Diss Mellon last year with same 3 referees; no joy this year, alas
  • For perpetuity's sake: 17 awards out of 367 applications.
  • Email with acceptance (4/1) x 2

Columbia University GSAS International Travel GrantEdit

Applied x1

Council for European Studies (CES)/Mellon Dissertation Completion FellowshipEdit

anyone applying for this??? 1/7

  • - Yep! Planning on send it out this week. I have no idea what the chances are. The application document word lengths are strange though. 500 words for a diss description but 800 to talk about what you are going to be doing over the fellowship term. I guess they really want to know what you are spending their money on. 1/8
  • - Applied x4
  • Anyone applied for this last year? Have an idea if they really wait till May to tell the results?
  • Received notice of award last year on March 28
  • Has anyone here applied for the other CES fellowship, the pre-dissertation version? Any news on when we hear about that one? Is it the same time frame as the dissertation completion version?
  • Same here. I hope we are on the same March 28th-ish timeline as the other CES fellowship. (3/14)
  • No word here either (3/17)
  • No word (3/20)
  • If it helps, I applied for the pre-dissertation version last year and received a rejection notice on 4/24
  • when applied for pre-dissertation in previous year I got an alternate notice on 4/25
  • Any news on pre-diss fellowship? (4/7)
  • No news here. Anyone want to call and ask about the pre-diss? All I know is that it says announcements go out in April.  (4/7)

No word (3/25) x3 (3/28) x4 (3/31) x4

  • Anyone willing to email the Council to discover whether notifications have been sent?
  • I checked the website again and it says announcements will go out in April. I'm guessing that means the end of the month...because every grant takes forever to hear back from. Though I'd love it if someone was willing to call, like the poster above suggests, and try to get a firmer time frame. (4/3)
  • I called them. It appears notifications have not been sent out yet. The Council says that we should expect notifications "closer to May."
  • Thank you! (4/3)
  • Thanks! Did you ask about diss completion fellowships and/or pre-diss fellowship notifications?

E-mail notice of diss completion fellowship award today (4/3) x2

  • Congrats! No notification here (4/3) x2
  • Re: calling. I had asked about completion fellowships. I am unsure of why they gave me above information.
  • Last year they waited almost a month before sending out rejections because they have a wait list. That's probably why they said "notifications" aren't coming until closer to May. 
  • Fellowship award notification 4/8 x 2   <--- was this for the dissertation completion fellowship or the pre-dissertation fellowship? It was for the Dissertation Completion Fellowship x2
  • any notification other than one acceptance? Sounds like there were 4 acceptances.
  • notification of rejection 4/14 for pre-dissertation fellowship x3
  • rejection: diss completion app 4/14 (x3)
  • No word yet (4/15). Anyone else still waiting?
  • Yes, still waiting here too (4/15). No rejection and no acceptance (diss completion fellowship). 
  • They published the pre-diss awards yesterday (4/16) on the web, but no word on the final diss completion awards. I haven't gotten a rejection email yet. (4/17) x2
  • No word yet, starting to get annoyed (4/21)
  • None here, either. Are any of you who received a completion fellowship considering declining the award due to other offers? (4/21)
  • Tumbleweeds blowing - no word yet. (4/28) X3
  • They posted the winners today, so I'm assuming those of us who haven't heard (and aren't on the list) just haven't gotten our rejections yet.

CES Staff here! We sent out all notices for all awards on or before April 14. If you haven't heard, please do check your spam box and/or check in with us directly at


-decisions will be rendered late March, early April.

  • March 25: rejection via email. The letter was for both research and study grants.
  • March 28: offer for long-term research grant received via email. (X2)

Dan David Prize Edit

I applied for this (for the Graduate Student Scholarship) but do not know anyone else who did... does anyone have any idea re timeline or communication of status/notification with this award? (x3)

Apparently, the committee met recently, and we can expect to receive email notifications soon (Called foundation on 3/25/14).

  • Woke up to rejection! 3/27/14 x4
  • Acceptance via e-mail for Past Dimension: History & Memory, 3/25

Danforth Center on Religion and Politics (Washington U. in St. Louis)Edit

  • Two year postdoc in residence at Washington University in St. Louis: H-NET
  • Deadline: January 1, 2014.
  • Applied for Dissertation Completion Fellowship x3
  • Offer received (2/13) x2
  • Notification of status as alternate (2/13)
  • Rejected (2/13) x2

Dartmouth CollegeEdit

The goal of the Chavez/Eastman/Marshall fellowship program is to promote student and faculty diversity at Dartmouth, and throughout higher education, by supporting completion of the doctorate by underrepresented minority scholars (including African-American, Latina/o, and Native American scholars) and other graduate scholars with a demonstrated commitment and ability to advance educational diversity.

  • Deadline: February 1, 2014
  • Applied x3
  • Has anyone heard back on this one yet? (3/24)
  • Nothing. The website says April 1, so next week. Looking over the past few years on here, it looks like they sometimes go a few days into the first week of April too. (3/24)
  • Haven't heard anything yet (4/1). (x2)
  • Haven't heard anything yet (4/2).
  • STILL haven't heard anything (4/3). x3
  • anyone heard back? (4/7)
  • Rejected by email (4/8) x3
  • Rejected by mail (early April)

Dedalus Foundation Dissertation FellowshipEdit

  • Applied x 3
  • Haven't heard anything back yet -- but we still have until May. Waiting eagerly/patiently! I wonder if they'll continue the trend of awarding two recipients? (3.26.14)
  • Anyone hear anything yet? (5.13.14) NOPE, nothing yet.
    • D:    How many typically apply? Not everyone uses this website, I know, but I expected to see more activitiy here as we are so close to the decision date
    • Has anyone heard anything yet today? (5.15.14) Does anyone know if in past years they have sent out rejection letters/emails or just acceptances?
      • Haven't heard anything yet... I've been refreshing their website like an idiot all day! I think that I remember reading that last year they just posted it online before actually emailing anyone... (5.15.14) 5:20pm.
      • That's really helpful to know - thank you!  Although now I will probably also start checking their website constantly :).
        • NP; at this point, i am ready to start drinking either way... :)
          • It looks like last year they waited until the 30th to announce. We might have another week! (5.21.14)
jeopardy music:: (5.16)
  • ... ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ (5.19) 12:00pm.

-I emailed the foundation to ask about when they are going to announce. They wrote back that they had just had their final meeting and letters should go out in the middle of next week. Best of luck to everyone!

  • Thanks! But I guess "final meeting"' doesn't really mean "decision"... in any case, yes, best of luck... but not too much luck! ;)
  • Any word on whether they will be e-mailing us in addition to sending snail mail? (If so, remember that in the early phases of the application process, their e-mails were arriving in Spam folders for many of us, so be sure to check there, too!) (5.23.14)
  • The email just says that letters will be sent to candidates by the middle of next week so I'm assuming snail mail only but I'm by no means sure. (5.23.14)
    • Nothing yet. Did anyone hear something Tuesday or Wednesday? (5.29.14) Update: Rejected via mail. Good luck to the rest of you!
    • Was it sent to your home or department? I ask because I'm living abroad and getting a bit impatient. ;)
      • My home; don't expect much if you do not receive the award. Basically two sentences: "You applied for this. You didn't get it." with a vague "we were impressed by your work" statement. DF also not very helpful with followup. Good luck!
      • I hear you. What a long wait for a disappointing outcome. Can you tell I'm not expecting good news?

Dolores Zohrab Liebmann FundEdit

Individual universities have internal deadlines; within-university winners move on to national fellowship competition

  • National fellowship app x1 (haven't heard back as of 3/18/14)
  • If it helps: I didn't receive notification that I had received the award until VERY late! The acceptance letter was mailed to me and I received it early/mid-May. 
  • National fellowship app submitted in January. No response as of 5/23/14....
  • No response here, 5/16/14. Anyone else? (x2)
  • Sent an email on 5/12/14. Response indicated that the committee is meeting this week and will send results to schools and students by the end of the month.
    • Thanks for this. Definitely a long wait. (x2) 
  • I can't imagine that there's any chance for good news at this point. Does anyone know if they send out acceptances first and then rejections, or if everything goes out at once?
  • Haven't received anything yet, but they updated the site with 2014 Contributions. Those waiting can look here to see if their university made the list: 5/30/14.
    • Thank you for the link -- that pretty well tells the story. Congrats to those at the listed universities. 5/31/14
  • Rejection letter 6/2/14. Hope that's helpful for anyone still waiting.

Dumbarton Oaks Junior FellowshipEdit

Deadline: November 1, 2013

  • Anyone been asked for an interview yet?
  • No. January 5. (x8)
  • Still nothing, 1/12 (x7)
  • Again nothing. I suspect that, like last year, the finalists have already been contacted. January 24.
  • Don't worry about this. In the last year topic somebody wrote that "Interviews were conducted the first weekend of February and successful candidates informed soon after". (Jan. 24)
  • Thanks.  But doesn't that mean that they're flying people in the first weekend of February? That is, if I have not been contacted for an interview by now then, presumably, I am not a finalist? I know I'm asking for you to speculate, but it would be helpful.  Thanks. 27 January.
  • No. I suppose that it means that they will start organizing interview dates from first weekend of February. 27 Jan.
  • Ah. Good.  Thanks very much for the response! 27 Jan.
  • Any news? 3 Feb.
  • Still no news for me and I although I haven't heard through the grapevine about others with interviews, judging by the patterns from previous years I'm giving up hope on this one. *sigh* (x2)
  • I spoke with Margaret Mullett. Interviews with finalists were conducted last weekend and I believe that those who received the award should have heard by today. Feb 5.
  • Thanks for the information! Sad... but at least now we know.
  • Ok. Sad, but it seems that it is not an international junior scholarship, patterns shows that always win those students who are studying American Universities, therefore I would be very very proud if I could see a correct announcement in the next year and of course the CV's of the winners. Feb. 16.

Eleanor Tufts Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Southern Methodist UniversityEdit

Fisher Center Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Hobart and William Smith CollegesEdit

Applications now open; screening begins March 28


Does anyone know any update on this one? Discontinued?

Found CFP on their website: (not my area of study, so I doubt I'm going to apply)

  • Anyone applied or heard anything? It was a pretty obscure (and yet wildly broadly reaching) CFP but I applied on a longshot. No word as of 4.14.14

Five CollegesEdit

Deadline: January 6, 2014 (continuous)

Does anyone know how many people apply for this? (12.31)

  • From last year's wiki "Last year around 250, the year before 330. No numbers for this year yet."
  • Anyone heard anything about the results yet?
  • A couple days ago (on 3/14) someone posted 'offer letter recieved via email' but it has since been deleted. I haven't heard anything, but I've been puzzling about the statement and retraction. I'm inclined to believe that if we haven't heard anything that is a bad sign.
  • I actaully think that if it was deleted it was probably posted in the wrong fellowship slot. But, I'm hanging my hopes on the fact that in the past two years the awardees haven't been notified until early April. 


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