Glaswegian Kiss Definition Essay

1. Glasgow is the fourth-largest city by population in the UK, after London, Birmingham and Leeds.

2. The name ‘Glasgow’ derives from a Gaelic phrase meaning ‘green valley’ or ‘dear green place’.

3. The Horse Shoe Bar in Glasgow was established in 1884 by Cavalry Captain John Scouller. At 104ft 4in in length it is the longest bar in the UK.

4. Roy Rogers and Trigger rode all the way round the Horse Shoe Bar in 1954.

5. The phrase ‘Glasgow kiss’ is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘A headbutt’. Its earliest recorded use was in 1982.

6. According to the Institute for Economics and Peace in 2013, Glasgow had the highest rates of homicide and violent crime in the UK.

7. The oldest known use of the word ‘Glaswegian’ was in Walter Scott’s Rob Roy in 1817.

8. Glasgow is the only city to have won the ‘Curry Capital of Britain’ title four times.

9. At 62 metres high, Cineworld Glasgow is the tallest cinema in the world.

10. “The great thing about Glasgow is that if there’s a nuclear attack, it’ll look exactly the same afterwards.” (Billy Connolly)

Also Jujube

Noun: sweetmeat (Ok, a sweetie... alright - for you Murcans - candy)

As far as the writer is aware, this is a hardish, jelly covered with

sugar. You may of course, know differently. Please feel free to bombard

the forum with corrections pointing out all the things that I got

wrong...I promise to give each and every one the same amount of

attention, so please feel free to post your thoughts...

Apparently this was originally taken from the name of a fruiting tree the

Jujube.. see links:

The Jujube

These may originally have been medicinal sweets, and the non-medicianl teeth-rotting attributes just gradually took precedence over the medicinality of the confection.

As far as I know, (but I may be mistaken) no-one still makes jujube/jube-jubes as such... Does any one know of a manufacturer in Scotland?

There may also be a sweetie still being made in the States called Jujubes. But some people think they should be called Joojoobeees. (how crazy is that?)

See this link:

US Joojoobeees

The author of this site talks about Candian jujbes, but doesn't say what they are.

The best thing about the word jubejube / jujube is the marvellous

expression it gives us:

Any futile exercise; anything which involves an inordinate amount of work

for very little return.

Like feedin' jujubes tae an elephant


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