Njvvmf Scholarship Essay

New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation Scholarship Program

Each year the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation awards two (2) scholarships to high school seniors from New Jersey who plan to further their education either at a college, university or trade/technical school.

Winners are notified in early May and awarded the scholarship during the Memorial Day Ceremony held at the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial. In addition to the scholarship application and proof of acceptance to a college or trade school, all applicants must submit an essay about his/her visit to the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial, located off the Garden State Parkway at exit 116 in Holmdel. Free guided tours of the Memorial are available on Saturdays at 11:00 Am and 1:00 PM, during scholarship season (February through April), to accommodate students submitting a scholarship application.

For more information about our Scholarship Program please email the Scholarship Committee scholarship@njvvmf.org


18 scholarship app

Scholarship Tours will take place every Saturday, at 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM from February 1 – April 7

(No need to make an appointment)

Below are some of the winning essays by year:

2. The best scholarship search platforms of 2018

#1: Fastweb

Fastweb is the top overall scholarship search platform in our review. They scored consistently high marks across every metric. They were the easiest to use as they required no registration to browse scholarship listings, had both a searchable database and personalized matches, and were mobile-friendly.

Fastweb also had the most tools of any platform. That fact, combined with a high score for scholarship availability, means Fastweb is the best platform for finding scholarships, managing deadlines, and tracking applications.

The only thing that could be considered a drawback would be a smaller number of search results than some competitors, but their overall third-place finish in that metric means they still outshine most. They also scored third-place in search functionality, so while the number of results you get may be smaller, they’re most likely more relevant to you than sites with high results but few filters.

#2 Cappex

Cappex ranked second place in our review mostly thanks to their large database. Only two other platforms returned more average search results, and even then, the margin wasn’t very wide. That database, combined with every desirable tool, pushed Cappex ahead of the competition.

Cappex was also among the easiest platforms to use. They have both a searchable database and personalized matches. When a site has only personalized matches, there’s no way for you to manually check the rest of the database for any opportunities that the matching filters might have missed. We saw nothing to suggest that Cappex gave bad matches, but it’s always a bonus to be able to search scholarships by category as well.

The main drawback of the Cappex platform is the fact that they offered no filters for military affiliation. Veteran scholarships may appear somewhere in their database, but there was no filter that would allow you to be matched specifically to them.

#3: Unigo

Strong scores in the most important metrics elevated Unigo to a third-place finish by a wide margin. The nearest competitors would have to make significant improvements to their platforms to overtake Unigo’s spot. Meanwhile, Unigo would only have to make a few minor additions to its site to claim our first-place position.

Unigo ranked first in our most heavily-weighted metric, Search Functionality. They have the most filters and scholarship categories of any other platform at nearly 2,000. No other site allows you to get more specific in your search. They also tied our top ranked platform in Ease of Use, which means you should have no problems find the exact scholarship you need with minimal effort.

The only areas in which Unigo falls short are tools and additional resources. There are no deadline reminders or new match notifications, so you’ll have to be more diligent in your searches and managing deadlines than some sites.

Additional recommendations

#8: Big Future

Big Future is a scholarship search platform operated by the College Board, the administrators of the SAT. It is a basic, but thorough site that allows you to search multiple scholarship categories at once, including all of the key filters such as GPA, test scores, gender, and ethnicity. There are no saved profiles or personalized matches, so you need to re-enter your search every time you use it.

Where Big Future stands out is in the wealth of additional college planning tools they offer. They are a one-stop-shop for financial aid information and tuition planning. There are eight different cost calculators, as well as dozens of helpful articles, videos, and in-depth guides.

Even if you don’t utilize Big Future’s scholarship search, they are worth checking out for their helpful tools alone. If you use them in conjunction with one of our top-ranking search platforms, you should have no problem planning your college finances.


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