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Course Information


Sheldon Tan (

Office Hours: Thursday 3:00-4:00 PM or by appointment.

Office:WCH 424


TR 6:40-8:00 PM

Bourns Hall (BRNHL) A125


Section 021, M 6:10-9:00 PM, CHUNG 125

Section 022, R 8:10-11:00 AM, CHUNG 125

Teaching Assistants

Taeyoung Kim

Taeyoung Kim for section 021

Taeyoung Kim for section 022

Office Hours: W 2:00pm to 3:00pm, WCH 109

If you have any question regarding lecture and lab, you do not need to send email. Instead, you use github issue section, which can be found at

Reference book

Modern VLSI Design: IP-Based Design by Wayne Wolf, Fourth Edition, Prentice Hall PTR


Grading for the class will be performed on an individual basis. You will not be competing with the other students for your grade. If all students do well in the class, it is possible everyone will get an A. Your grade is only dependent on the effort you put into the class. Letter grades will be assigned using a 10% scale: 90% and above is correspond to an A, 80% and above to a B, 70% and above to a C, 60% and above to a D, and less than 60% to an F.

The grading will be based on a weighted sum as follows:

30% Final (will be 40% in lieu of Quizzes).
20% Midterm
10% Quizzes (include pop quizzes)
10% Homeworks
30% Lab Assignments


Punctuality: Please arrive on-time to class. Academic Dishonestly: Any academic dishonesty will no be tolerated. Unless otherwise specifically stated by your instructor or teaching assistant, all course work should be done on your own. Reading: Be prepared. Read over the material being covered in lecture before coming to class. For the most part, the lectures will follow the organization of the book. Any planned deviations from this order will be announced beforehand. Lab Attendance: Lab attendance is mandatory for the entire lab period during which you should be working on course related material. If you finish a lab assignment early, work can always work ahead on the next assignment. Class Mailing List: The class mailing and newsgroup in the ilearn will be used for all course related correspondence such as course announcements. Furthermore, please address all course related questions regarding lectures, homework, labs, etc. to the course mailing list or newsgroup. Cell Phones: Please turn your cell phone off before you come to class.

Lecture Schedule

All the slides will be available after the lecture in ilearn

Subject to change

Week Topic Remark
Week 1 Course Overview, Introduction to VLSI Design, (Chapter 1); Fabrication, Transistor Structures, Basic Transistor Behavior, (Chapter 2); Transistor Characteristics, (Chapter 2). HW1 given after the second lecture.
Week 2 Designs Rules and Stick Diagrams, Reliability and Packaging (Chapter 2).
Week 3 Combinational Logic Functions and CMOS Logic Gates, (Chapter 3); Properties of Combinational Gates, (Chapter 3); Electrical Properties of Combinational Gates (continued), (Chapter 3); HW2 Given after the second lecture.
Week 4 Review of Synopysis Design Tools and Flow (Customer Designer, Design Compiler, IC Compiler etc.). Midterm 1 (90 minutes). Midterm 1 in second lecture.
Week 5 Wire Delay, Buffer Insertion, Etc., (Chapter 3); nMOS Gates, DCVS Logic, Domino Gates, (Chapter 3); Layout, Channel Routing, Simulation, (Chapter 4). HW3 given after the second lecture.
Week 6 Combinational Network Delay, Logic Optimization (Chapter 4); Transistor Sizing, (Chapter 4); Interconnect Design, Crosstalk, Power Optimization (Chapter 4).
Week 7 Review of Verilog hardware design language and digital design method (Chapter 8). Midterm 2 (in the second lecture). Midterm 2 (90 minutes). Midterm 2 in second lecture.
Week 8 Switch Networks, Combinational Testing, (Chapter 4); Memory Elements, Basics of Sequential Machines, (Chapter 5); Clocking Disciplines, (Chapter 5). HW4 given after the second lecture.
Week 9 Sequential Machine Design, (Chapter 5); State Assignment, Power Optimization, Design Validation, Sequential Testing, (Chapter 5
Week 10 Shifters, Adders, ALU, (Chapter 6); Multipliers, (Chapter 6); Memories, Datapaths, PLAs, (Chapter 6)
Final Week Final: March 12th, 2016, 7:00pm - 10:00pm Final in this week.


Homework assignment 1-4 will be given in ilearn. All the homework will be submitted into ilearn.


Lab Schedule

Every communication (Please don't use email regarding lab question) will be at Please use GITHUB page instead of email to ask any question to TA.

For the lab schedule, more detail can be found at

Late assignment submission policy

You are only allowed two late submissions in this class.

For each late submission, you are only allowed only two late days with discounted credits for the assignment you are late.

  • Late by first day: take 20% off the total credit of the assignment
  • Late by second day: take 40% off the total credit of the assignment
  • Late by third day and thereafter: not allowed.

Soon we will switch to a full-featured IDE, CLion. For now, however, all you need is a terminal emulator and SSH client to login to Tlab.

Course policies

Collaboration and academic integrity

You may not collaborate with anyone on any of the exams. You may not use any electronic tools, including phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, desktop computers, etc. If in doubt, ask a member of the course staff.

Some homework assignments will be completed with an assigned partner or team. You must collaborate with your assigned partner or team, as specified, on homework assignments. You may request help from any staff member on homework. (When you are working with a partner, we strongly recommend that you request help with your partner.) You may use the Piazza bulletin board to ask questions regarding assignments, so long as your questions (and answers) do not reveal information regarding solutions. You may not get any help from anyone else on a homework assignment; all material submitted must be your own. If in doubt, ask a member of the course staff.

Providing illicit help to another student is also cheating, and will be punished the same as receiving illicit help. It is your responsibility to safeguard your own work.

Students who cheat will be reported to the appropriate dean.

If you are unclear on any of these policies, please ask a member of the course staff.


You should submit your homework according to the instructions on the web page for the individual assignments. More TBD.

Late work

Late work will not be accepted.


Your grade will be based on your performance on seven or eight programming assignments and two midterm exams. There will be no final exam.

Each exam counts for 15% of your grade. The balance is divided among the homework assignments, with the first four counting for somewhat less than the last four. Your least favorable homework score will not be counted.

The mapping of raw point totals to letter grades is at the discretion of the instructor.


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