Athens Vs Sparta Argumentative Essay

Athens And Sparta

In most of the ancient kingdoms, geography played a significant role of separating different groups. This also gave room for civilization because of competition between two kingdoms. Cities like Athens and Sparta of the ancient Greece are a perfect example of cities that developed very well due to competition. The two cities, however, enjoyed a significant availability of resources. Water that is a primary need for any civilization was available thanks to the Greek Peninsula. The geography of the region provided a network of rivers and vast water that made it very easy for the people of both Sparta and Athens to travel. Mostly, travel was for trade and exploration. Another geographical aspect that led to the development of the two cities was the mountainous terrain. It was not easy for the two cities to communicate and travel into each other’s territory. This is the main reason the two cities developed independently with so much difference in their structure and preferences.

Athens the think tanks

Athens is a home for many scientists and scientific ideas. Most of the greatest scientists were from Athens. It is believed that the people of Athens were naturally adventurous. They liked to study philosophy, science and history in a systematic way. This created a culture of inventions and innovative thinking. They had great wit for arts, literature and architecture. They built great structures and there are thousands of temples in Athens. Despite all these, they had a passion for beauty. In all their inventions and structures, they employed high theme of beauty. That theme is still living up to today and it is widely known as classical describing the extensive use of art and style in architecture. In Athens, young people were allowed to pursue different lines of interest in education. They, however, put some emphasis on science and arts. The boys were allowed to serve in the army even though no one was forced to enroll army. There were, however, some restrictions on the girls that could not go into the military, business or education.

Sparta home of Military Might

Two kings ruled the city of Sparta. They had a lot of emphasis on the army strength and total dedication to serving the state. They, therefore, had a set of laws that aimed at training the people to become good and resourceful soldiers to the state. A lot of time was taken grooming young men for being soldiers that little time was left for the study of arts and literature. Parents made sure that they raised hardy and strong children to withstand army activities.

...THE LIFE OF GREECE SPARTAVSATHENS Reproduced by Mr Asad Ali, from the Source: Will Durant’s World History, volume-2, “Life of Greece”. Foregrounds 1. Greece is a piece of land where every inch deserves a few acres of history. Geographically speaking, it is doted with thousands of islands; historically, it produced a civilization that is by far the most fertile and most long lasting by any standards of human civilization. 2. To enlist the achievements of Greek civilization is simply not possible here. Nevertheless, it may suffice to say that today’s western world is an infant child of their Greek ancestors. We hardly find anything there, and perhaps elsewhere, that is not Greek in its origin. May it be arts, literature, science, philosophy, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, sculpture, architecture, religion, superstitions taboos and what not, all are Greek, though sometimes labelled with new names. 3. At the same time, it must not be forgotten that the Greeks also inherited some aspects of their civilization from a few external sources; and naturally so. Of course, in the hierarchical order, they come after Mesopotamia, Egypt and Babylon ------------ but what is significant about them is the fact that no other civilization since has so widely and so deeply influenced the course of future history. That is why they say that the history of Greece is less the past and more the present and the future. 4....


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