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The Social and Political Issues of World War Two Essay

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In unit three of Nation of Nations, there were many social/cultural and political issues that affected the Jews in Germany and the Japanese in America. The social/cultural groups were roused due to the conflicts arising over ethnic backgrounds, race, and class differences. The Jews and Japanese faced discrimination in both countries whether they were born there or not. (Davidson, 2008) In America, the Japanese were treated as, “aliens of enemy nationality.” This was partly because of their attack on Pearl Harbor. In Germany, the Jews were treated as, “inferior creatures.” This was due to the dictatorship and racism of Adolf Hitler. Both in America and Germany, these two groups were sent to concentration camps and isolated from…show more content…

“Hitler began building weapons, training pilots for war, and allied with Austria. He also left an International Disarmament Conference and the League of Nations.” (Chomsky, 2009) Racial theories and goals were at the center of Hitler’s thoughts. He wanted to make Germany a formidable military power. According to Kagan, “Hitler’s long-range plans included germinating in lands inhabited by people racially akin to the Germans.” (Kagan, 2001) He wanted to turn these lands in colonies/empires. He also intended to recapture territory that was lost to Poland in World War One. “In March 1936 German troops thrust into the demilitarized area west of the Rhine River. His act violated the Treaty of Versailles. The League of Nations sputtered out a worthless condemnation. Roosevelt remained aloof.” (Davidson, 2008) On September 1, 1939 WWll had begun… Hitler invaded Poland with lightening warfare. Then France and Britain declared war on Germany. Daryl wrote, “The suffering of Germany means a lot to Hitler and that would be the best conclusion that Hitler started WWll in Europe….Most likely for REVENGE! (Daryl, 2007) After the war had started, Roosevelt was asked by a reporter whether America would stay out of the war and Roosevelt replied, “I believe we can, and every effort will be made by the administration

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Critical thinking is an important skill to develop. When you learn to think in this manner, manipulating your opinion becomes extremely difficult. This is why you should always question everything around you and look for the cause-reaction connection in every action.

You will definitely be assigned more than one critical thinking essay during your school years. Choosing an interesting and relevant topic is one of the major components of success when it comes to these papers. The best topic to focus on is usually politics, as it is both relevant and controversial.

  • How important is the role of the Internet in political races today?

    For this essay, you will need to research some statistics in order to determine how exactly online PR campaigns influence the results of elections. Analyze what tools are the most effective for promoting a political party.

    Or, you can focus your paper on studying the most effective ways of ruining one’s reputation by using the Web.

  • The effects of same-sex marriages on political campaigns.

    Study the history of political campaigns that advocated same-sex marriages and those who aimed to ban them. Compare their success rates and determine the overall effect of this particular clause being present in one’s list of political goals.

  • Why has there not been a female president of the U.S.?

    Feminism is a serious issue in society today. In this paper, you will need to identify the reasons that explain why a woman has never been elected for this particular post. Hypothesize whether this can change in the future, and what kind of circumstances can lead to this situation.

  • Should political cartoons be encouraged?

    Every Internet user today has a chance to have some fun when watching short political cartoons. Your paper must address this matter and determine whether it’s a good thing. Assess the effects these cartoons have on both the electorate and politicians.

  • Is democracy truly the best form of government?

    This controversial question will definitely bring attention to your paper. Use this opportunity to make your opinion known, but be sure to find some solid evidence to support it. You will also need to do a thorough job of refuting your opponents’ arguments in advance, as they are sure to attack every point you make.

  • Should conservatism prevail in America?

    This essay should be built around a hypothetical situation where conservatism has prevailed. You will need to explain how this will change American society, and determine whether these changes are positive or negative.

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