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  • Author: Brian Herbert Author Record # 2308
  • Legal Name: Herbert, Brian
  • Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Birthdate: 29 June 1947
  • Language: English
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  • Author Tags:science fiction (23), space opera (6), historical fantasy (2), secret history (2), reincarnation (1)
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Kevin J. Anderson has written more than 125 books, including 52 national or international bestsellers. He has over 23 million books in print worldwide in thirty languages. He has been nominated for the Nebula Award, Bram Stoker Award, Shamus Award, and Silver Falchion Award, and has won the SFX Readers' Choice Award, Golden Duck Award, Scribe Award, and New York Times Notable Book; in 2012 at San Diego Comic Con he received the Faust Grand Master Award for Lifetime Achievement.

He has written numerous bestselling and critically acclaimed novels in the Dune universe with Brian Herbert, as well as Star Wars and X-Files novels. In his original work, he is best known for his Saga of Seven Suns series, the Terra Incognita trilogy, the Dan Shamble, Zombie PI series, and Clockwork Angels: The Novel with Neil Peart.



Gamearth Trilogy
1. Gamearth (1989)
2. Gameplay (1989)
3. Game's End (1990)
Gamearth Trilogy (omnibus) (2011)


Craig Kreident (with Doug Beason)
1. Virtual Destruction (1996)
2. Fallout (1997)
3. Lethal Exposure (1998)


Prelude to Dune (with Brian Herbert)
1. House Atreides (1999)
2. House Harkonnen (2000)
3. House Corrino (2001)


Titan A E (with Rebecca Moesta)
Akima's Story (2000)
Cale's Story (2000)


Saga of Seven Suns
0.5. Veiled Alliances (2011)
1. Hidden Empire (2002)
2. A Forest of Stars (2003)
3. Horizon Storms (2004)
4. Scattered Suns (2005)
5. Of Fire and Night (2006)
6. Metal Swarm (2007)
7. The Ashes of Worlds (2008)


Legends of Dune (with Brian Herbert)
1. The Butlerian Jihad (2002)
2. The Machine Crusade (2002)
3. The Battle of Corrin (2004)
Legends of Dune Boxed Set (omnibus) (2006)


Dune Collections
The Road to Dune (2005) (with Brian Herbert and Frank Herbert)
Tales of Dune: Expanded Edition (2017) (with Brian Herbert)
Dune: Legends, Heroes, Schools (2017) (with Brian Herbert)


Crystal Doors (with Rebecca Moesta)
1. Crystal Doors (2006)
     aka Island Realm
2. Ocean Realm (2007)
3. Sky Realm (2008)
Crystal Doors Omnibus (omnibus) (2013)


Dune (with Brian Herbert)
continued from the original series byFrank Herbert
7. Hunters of Dune (2006)
8. Sandworms of Dune (2007)


Heroes of Dune (with Brian Herbert)
1. Paul of Dune (2008)
2. The Winds of Dune (2009)


Terra Incognita
1. The Edge of the World (2009)
2. The Map of All Things (2010)
3. The Key to Creation (2011)
Mythical Creatures (2011)


Star Challengers (with Rebecca Moesta)
1. Moonbase Crisis (2010)
2. Space Station Crisis (2011)
3. Asteroid Crisis (2011)
Star Challengers Trilogy (2014)


Hell Hole Trilogy (with Brian Herbert)
1. Hellhole (2011)
2. Hellhole Awakening (2013)
3. Hellhole Inferno (2014)


Fantastic Realms
1. Fantastic Realms 1 (2011)
2. Fantastic Realms 2 (2011)


Alien Landscapes
1. Alien Landscapes 1 (2011)
2. Alien Landscapes 2 (2011)


Dark Labyrinth
1. Dark Labyrinth 1 (2011)
2. Dark Labyrinth 2 (2011)


Dan Shamble, Zombie PI
1. Death Warmed Over (2012)
1.5. Stakeout at the Vampire Circus (2013)
2. Unnatural Acts (2012)
2.5. Road Kill (2013)
3. Hair Raising (2013)
3.5. Naughty and Nice (2013)
4. Slimy Underbelly (2014)
5. Working Stiff (2015)
6. Tastes Like Chicken (2017)
Zomnibus (omnibus) (2017)


Clockwork Angels (with Neil Peart)
1. Clockwork Angels (2012)
2. Clockwork Lives (2015)


Great Schools of Dune (with Brian Herbert)
1. The Sisterhood of Dune (2012)
2. Mentats of Dune (2014)
3. Navigators of Dune (2016)


Dragon Business
1. The Dragon Business (2013)


Saga of Shadows
Whistling Past the Graveyard (2016)
0.5. Island in a Sea of Stars (2014)
1. The Dark Between the Stars (2014)
2. Blood of the Cosmos (2015)
3. Eternity's Mind (2015)


Dune: Red Plague (with Brian Herbert)
1. Dune: Red Plague (2016)


Colt the Outlander
Blood Prize (2017)


Alien Invasion
1. They Came (2017) (with Charles Eugene Anderson, Russ Crossley, Michael Jasper, Robert T Jeschonek, Stefon Mears, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, J Daniel Sawyer, David Sloma and Blaze Ward)
2. Death Before Defeat (2017) (with Charles Eugene Anderson, Robert Asprin, Wayne Faust, Patty Jansen, Robert T Jeschonek, Stefon Mears, J Daniel Sawyer, Harvey Stangrough and Don Viecelli)


Arcane America (with Sarah A Hoyt)
1. Uncharted (2018)



Resurrection, Inc. (1988)
Lifeline (1990) (with Doug Beason)
The Trinity Paradox (1991) (with Doug Beason)
Afterimage (1992) (with Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
Assemblers of Infinity (1993) (with Doug Beason)
Climbing Olympus (1994)
Ill Wind (1995) (with Doug Beason)
Blindfold (1995)
Ignition (1996) (with Doug Beason)
Ai! Pedrito! (1998) (with L Ron Hubbard)
Ai! Pedrito! When Intelligence Goes Wrong (1998)
Aftershock (1998) (with Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
The Outer Limits, Armageddon Dreams (2000)
Supernova (2000) (with Rebecca Moesta)
Fantastic Voyage : Microcosm (2001)
Captain Nemo (2002)
Hopscotch (2002)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)
Slan Hunter (2007) (with A E van Vogt)
The Last Days of Krypton (2007)
Enemies & Allies (2009)



Slan / Slan Hunter (2007) (with A E van Vogt)
Watching The Detectives (2017) (with J D Brink, Russ Crossley, Bonnie Elizabeth, Robert T Jeschonek, Merita King, Andrew Michael Schwarz and Dean Wesley Smith)
Gumshoes (2017) (with Russ Crossley, Alison Naomi Holt, Michael Jasper, Robert T Jeschonek, Michael Kowal, Rita Schulz, Rebecca M Senese, Dean Wesley Smith and Harvey Stanbrough)



Dogged Persistence (2001)
Artifact (2003) (with Janet Berliner, Matthew J Costello and F Paul Wilson)
Landscapes (2006)
Alternitech (2011)
Tucker's Grove (2011)
Magnetic Reflections (2011) (with Doug Beason)
Five by Five (2012) (with Aaron Allston, Loren L Coleman, B V Larson and Michael A Stackpole)
No Surrender (2013) (with Aaron Allston, William C Dietz, R M Meluch and Brad R Torgersen)
Fantasy For Good (2014) (with Piers Anthony, Neil Gaiman, Katharine Kerr, Jay Lake, George R R Martin, Michael Moorcock and Roger Zelazny)
Ghosts Phantoms Wraiths (2017) (with Karen L Abrahamson, Megan Crewe, Russ Crossley, Leah R Cutter, David H Hendrickson, Deb Logan, Rebecca M Senese, Dean Wesley Smith and Steve Vernon)
Time Marches On (2017) (with M L Buchman, Russ Crossley, Dayle A Dermatis, Debbie Mumford, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Rita Schulz, Dean Wesley Smith, Nic Tatano and Blaze Ward)
Another Time Another Place (2017) (with Charles Eugene Anderson, Russ Crossley, Marcelle Dube, Robert Jeshonek, Deb Logan, Rita Schulz, Dean Wesley Smith, Harvey Stanbrough and Leslie Claire Walker)
Dragon Tales (2017) (with Karen L Abrahamson, Dawn Blair, Ubiquitous Bubba, Russ Crossley, Lee French, Stefon Mears, Rita Schulz and Barbara G Tarn)
Space Race (2017) (with Doug Beason, M L Buchman, Robert T Jeschonek, Kate MacLeod, Gary Rinehart and Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
Edward Bryant's Sphere Of Influence (2017) (with Mario Acevedo, Bruce Boston, Eneasz Brodski, Edward Bryant, Denise E Dora, Wayne Faust, Jamie Ferguson, Richard E Friesen, Janis Ian, Kent Johnson, Gary Jonas, Lucy Tayor and Steve Rasnic Tem)
Santa Claus Files: 11 Untold Tales Of A 2000 Year Old Elf (2017) (with M L Buchman, Russ Crossley, Jamie Ferguson, Robert T Jeschonek, Karen L McKee, Annie Reed, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Rebecca M Senese, Rita Shulz and Dean Wesley Smith)
Remembering Warriors (2018) (with Linda Maye Adams, A L Butcher, Russ Crossley, Stefon Mears, J M New-Grimm, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Harvey Stanbrough, Barbara G Tarn and Blaze Ward)
Gumshoes Redux (2018) (with Karen L Abrahamson, Russ Crossley, Marcelle Dube, Alison Naomi Holt, Michael Jasper, Robert T Jeschonek, Michael Kowal, Eugene Lloyd MacRae, Sherry D Ramsey, Rita Schulz, Rebecca M Senese, Dean Wesley Smith and Harvey Stanbrough)



Fremen Justice (2001) (with Brian Herbert)


Graphic Novels

Sorry, we're not listing graphic novels by this author



Drumbeats (2010) (with Neil Peart)
Collaborators (2010) (with Rebecca Moesta)
Drilling Deep (2010)
Fondest of Memories (2010)
Frog Kiss (2010)
Job Qualifications (2010)
Prisons (2010) (with Doug Beason)
Redmond's Private Screening (2010)
Comrades in Arms (2014)
Dark Carbuncle (2015) (with Janis Ian)
Mammoth Dawn (2015) (with Gregory Benford)


Series contributed to

Star Wars : Jedi Academy
1. Jedi Search (1994)
2. Dark Apprentice (1994)
3. Champions of the Force (1994)
4. Leviathan (2000)
The Jedi Academy Omnibus (omnibus) (1997)


Dragonflight (with John Gregory Betancourt)
Born of Elven Blood (1994)


3. Ground Zero (1995)
4. Ruins (1996)
5. Antibodies (1997)
Whirlwind / Ruins (omnibus) (2015) (with Charles L Grant)
Skin / Antibodies (omnibus) (2016) (with Ben Mezrich)
Goblins / Ground Zero (omnibus) (2016) (with Charles L Grant)


Star Wars
Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina (1995)
Darksaber (1995)
The Illustrated Star Wars Universe (1995)
Tales from Jabba's Palace (1995)
Tales of the Bounty Hunters (1996)
Essential Chronology (2000)


Star Wars : Young Jedi Knights (with Rebecca Moesta)
1. Heirs of the Force (1995)
2. Shadow Academy (1995)
3. The Lost Ones (1995)
4. Lightsabers (1996)
5. Darkest Knight (1996)
6. Jedi Under Siege (1996)
7. Shards of Alderaan (1997)
8. Diversity Alliance (1997)
9. Delusions of Grandeur (1997)
10. Jedi Bounty (1997)
11. The Emperor's Plague (1998)
12. Return to Ord Mantell (1998)
13. Trouble on Cloud City (1998)
14. Crisis at Crystal Reef (1998)
Jedi Shadow (omnibus) (2003)


Star Wars : Tales of the Jedi
The Golden Age of the Sith (1997)
The Fall of the Sith Empire (1998)
Redemption (2000)


Star Trek : The Next Generation (with Jeff Mariotte and Rebecca Moesta)
The Gorn Crisis (2000)


Dean Koontz's Frankenstein (with Dean Koontz)
1. Prodigal Son (2005)


Nebula Awards Showcase
12. Nebula Awards Showcase 2011 (2011)


Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms (with Alan Dean Foster, Jay Lake, Mike Resnick, Mark Sehestedt, John Shirley and Lisa Smedman)
Untold Adventures (2011)


Stellar Guild
1. Tau Ceti (2011) (with Steven Savile)
Stellar Guild Box Set One (omnibus) (2017) (with Eric Flint, Charles E Gannon and Steven Savile)


Kindle Worlds : Abnorm Chronicles
Twist (2014)


Kindle Worlds : Wayward Pines
Aberration (2014)


Heroes Reborn
6. A Long Way from Home (2015) (with Peter J Wacks)
Heroes Reborn: Collection Two (2016) (with Keith R A DeCandido, Duane Swierczynski and Peter J Wacks)


Anthology series

Blood Lite
1. Blood Lite (2009)
2. Overbite (2011)
3. Aftertaste (2012)


Anthologies edited

War of the Worlds (1996)
The Mammoth Book of Nebula Awards SF (2012)
A Fantastic Holiday Season (2013) (with Keith J. Olexa)
A Fantastic Holiday Season: The Gift of Stories (Volume 2) (2014) (with Keith J. Olexa)
The Best of Penny Dread Tales (2014) (with Quincy J Allen and Aaron Michael Ritchey)
Five by Five 3: Target Zone (2014)
2113 (2016) (with John McFetridge)
Pulse Pounders: Adrenaline (2017)


Non fiction

Sorry, we're not listing non fiction by this author


Anthologies containing stories by Kevin J Anderson

Full Spectrum (1988)
New Destinies, Vol. VIII (1989)
Full Spectrum 3 (1991)
Full Spectrum 4 (1993)
The Ultimate Zombie (1993)
Shock Rock II (1994)
Peter S Beagle's Immortal Unicorn 2 (1995)
Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina (1995)
Nanodreams (1995)
Peter S Beagle's Immortal Unicorn (1995)
David Copperfield's Tales of the Impossible (1995)
Tales from Jabba's Palace (1995)
War of the Worlds (1996)
Tales of the Bounty Hunters (1996)
David Copperfield's Beyond Imagination (1996)
Rivals of Dracula (1996)
The UFO Files (1998)


Short stories

Reflections in a Magnetic Mirror (1988) (with Doug Beason)
Rest in Peace (1989)
Fondest of Memories (1991)
Much at Stake (1991)
Dogged Persistence [short story] (1992)
Bringing the Family (1993)
Human, Martian - One, Two, Three (1993)
Drumbeats (1994) (with Neil Peart)
A Boy and His Monster: The Rancor Keeper's Tale (1995)
Just Like Normal People (1995)
Sea Dreams (1995) (with Rebecca Moesta)
Swap Meet: The Jawa's Tale (1995)
Canals in the Sand (1996)
TechnoMagic (1996)
Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88 (1996)
Scientific Romance (1998)


Kevin J Anderson recommends

Battlefield Earth (1982)
L Ron Hubbard
"'Battlefield Earth' is like a 12-hour 'Indiana Jones' marathon. Non-stop and fast-paced. Every chapter has a big bang-up adventure."

Standard Candles (1996)
Jack McDevitt
"In both his novels and his short fiction, Jack McDevitt has shown a terrific range of skills and imagination and speculation. Only one thing remains the same from piece to piece to piece - they're all damn fine stories."

Fragments (1997)
James F David
"Literate, creepy, and full of secrets, written with a clean, precise prose as deceptively simple as an iceberg."

The Sum of All Men (1998)
(Runelords, book 1)
David Farland
"With The Runelords, David Farland breaks new ground in fantasy fiction and wakes up anyone who thought they'd read everything the genre had to offer. Definitely a new name to watch in the field."

Strangewood (1999)
Christopher Golden
"If Clive Barker had gone Through the Looking Glass, he might have come up with something as imaginative and compelling as Strangewood."

Matriarch (2006)
(Wess'Har, book 4)
Karen Traviss
"Avid SF readers have a new 'must-read' series, and her legions of Star Wars fans are in for a treat."

Empyre (2007)
Josh Conviser
"Empyre is edgy, entertaining, and frightening. We can only hope the scary technology Conviser proposes is the purest fiction!"

Lamentation (2009)
(Psalms of Isaak, book 1)
Ken Scholes
"Ken Scholes's Lamentation is an iconic SF story cloaked in fantasy, drawing raw material from classics such as A Canticle for Liebowitz and Earth Abides, but forging something new, with colorful characters, compelling scenes, and unfolding miracles."

Servant of the Underworld (2010)
(Obsidian and Blood Trilogy, book 1)
Aliette de Bodard
"An Aztec priest of the dead tries to solve a murder mystery, and finds that politics may be even more powerful than magic - a truly fresh fantasy novel."

Silver (2010)
(Ogmios Team Adventure, book 1)
Steven Savile
"SILVER is a wild combination of Indiana Jones, The Da Vinci Code, and The Omen."

Shadow Prowler (2010)
(Chronicles of Siala, book 1)
Alexey Pehov
"Shadow Prowler is a fresh, exuberant take on territory that will be familiar to all fans of classic high fantasy. Alexey Pehov introduces a cast of charming, quirky, unsavory, even loathsome characters in a fast-paced, entertaining adventure."

The Pharos Objective (2010)
(Morpheus Initiative, book 1)
David Sakmyster
"THE PHAROS OBJECTIVE is Indiana Jones meets the X-Files -- an archaeologist adventurer with psychic powers of remote viewing who can see the past, ancient treasures, historical mysteries, action and adventure that crosses the world, and a damned good story."

The Chaplain's War (2014)
Brad R Torgersen
"Brad R Torgersen writes the kind of hardcore SF with heart that readers have been looking for. It's as if Arthur C. Clarke and Robert Heinlein merged."

Witchy Eye (2017)
(Witchy, book 1)
D J Butler
"WITCHY EYE is an intricate and imaginative alternate history with a cast of characters and quirky situations that would make a Dickens novel proud."

Glimpse (2018)
Jonathan Maberry
"Jonathan Maberry knows how to turn words into cold sweat, and GLIMPSE shows him at his finest. Always one of our best suspense writers, Maberry delivers an engrossing, pulse-pounding novel about twisted lives and a determined, haunted woman readers will not soon forget. You will be as captivated by his characters as they are captivated by their fears and their destiny."

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